Urban Art Forms Festival

by • March 28, 2011 • Blog, Music, Visual

Festivals are quite possibly the highlight of my summer, ever since this first time I went to NASS, as a thirteen year old and was just completely immersed in the chaos and bustling activity of the whole thing. Since then I’ve always been on the look out for exciting festivals, with Croatia’s Outlook Festival definately being a highlight. But when I was linked to a festival I’d only briefly heard the name of, Urban Art Forms whichis an electronic music festival based in Austria, it looked pretty enticing for the unique ideal it’s got going for it. Described not primarily as an electronic music festival, but as ‘Europe’s leading audio visual festival’, it has a massive focus on incredible visual displays to go alongside the music. Put simply, it looks absolutely unbelievable!

The d&b stage, run by Dogs On Acid, has a lineup not to be scoffed at of Andy C, Brookes Brothers, Foreign Beggars, Ill. Skillz, Misanthrop, Phace, Netsky, Noisia, Rockwell and Spy among many others and that’s one of five stages. It runs from 16th to 18th of June so could be a good early summer option, this to start the summer and then Outlook to finish it would definitely go down well! Check the video from 2010, and some more pictures, below.

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