Tommy Dockerz- OddLiT (Review)

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Welcome to OddLiT. This time Tommy Dockerz has chosen to create music for spangled minds with Dan Oddysee – who handles the production like a total boss. Without trying to skip to the concluding sentences of this review lets just say its an on point choice for the ten track LP. Seriously. If you pick up the release from the Blah camp for any reason other than Dockerz genius rhyme schemes, let it be for the stunning beat work. I digress…

OddLiT had to be included in the album somewhere didn’t it? ‘…mix Buckfast with Hennessy/get viral like a celebrity’ muses Dockerz over a suitably wavy piano loop. Peddle forward to Bukky Bottle where references to that famous tonic wine are in full swing. Expect a big chorus and effortlessly eccentric bars pieced perfectly together with a smooth, mellow instrumental.

BoxFeLd. A lesser artist would fail miserably crafting a 90 second ditty about ‘a box inside a box’ but with Dockerz comedy barsman routine tight he smashes through to ClubFeLd. Going strong with that much loved signature slang leads to killers bars like, ‘When I hit the club I get drunk as fuck/and before I leave I get scrummpied up/drop a pill then I double up/mix it up in that Bukky cup’. I don’t know what Clubfeld means but I do have the urge to drink Buckfast. LetZ Fly Away ends on a faux-romantic, jazzy tip complete with various accents throughout, cementing Tommy Dockerz place as the funniest guy in hip hop.

A fun ride from start to finish topped off with superb production value. While the record might not be hugely serious it is witty and innovative and that certainly counts for something. Give this one a whirl, guaranteed to make even the most miserable bastard crack a smile. Grab it from Bandcamp.

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