The Purist- Connect the Spdif EP

by • February 7, 2012 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music

I posted the remix of ‘Connect the Spdif’, a Purist produced track featuring Jehst, Farma G and Buggsy, recently, and the full digital release has just dropped via King Kong Holding Co. A four track EP, it features that tune, along with the original which has got Jehst on every verse with Parky ad libs, the instrumental and an extra instrumental entitled Blanka’s Head.

Laid back production with natural sounding drums, shakers and strings sets the tone on Connect the Spdif for Jehst to kick a lazy, cannabis infused flow with all the swagger of a piffy ounce bag. The remix, originally released on Buggsy’s debut album The Great Escape, brings Farma in for a much faster flow on the second verse which injects a bit more energy into the track, a vibe followed by Buggsy’s third and final verse, but the chilled chorus from Jehst ties it all together and gives you time to sit back and relax with that bat of yours.

The extra instrumental, Blanka’s Head, adds a bit more substance and variety to the release, but largely sticks to the sunday evening tone already set by the other tracks with smooth pianos over calm drums. It tops off a really nice little release that’s never gonna break the bank at £2, the instrumental for Connect the Spdif has such a chilled sound and enough intricacy to prevent it getting tiresome when listening to all four tracks. Go cop it here.

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