The Herbaliser- The Lost Boy

by • August 31, 2012 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music

Herbaliser2 The Herbaliser  The Lost Boy
Ex Ninja-Tune jazz hip hop band The Herbaliser are coming back soon with a new album, There Were Seven. Ahead of this, they’ve just released a delightfully dusty single featuring the vocal talents of London based lyricist Hanna Clive. Over cinematic strings that float around a jazzy drum break and melancholic saxes and scratches that add the hip hop to the funk, she delivers hauntingly powerful vocals reminiscent of Portishead and, as the press release puts it ‘Driving around at night pretending in a 60s cop film‘.

Accompanied by a Coleman Brothers remix where the vocals take pride of place in the intro to a stepping, head noddy drum pattern for a really nice rework, it’s a great return from a duo that have been gone for too long. Grab it on Itunes here.

Herbaliser1 The Herbaliser  The Lost Boy

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