The Globetroddas- The Love Ep

by • December 4, 2011 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music

Globetroddas The Globetroddas  The Love Ep
Watching Beats, Rhymes and Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest, a recent documentary focusing on the legendary Hip Hop group (check the trailer here) reminded me just how much I, and the world of Hip Hop, misses A Tribe Called Quest. We need that happy, funky injection in Hip Hop, which can no doubt be a little depressing at times.

So I was pleasantly suprised when a friend linked me a 2010 Ep by The Globetroddas, a Californian trio with a nice, jazzy, up beat sound. I understand linking someone to Tribe in that way is a very big claim, and they’re different in a lot of ways, but just a few tracks through this Ep, that’s exactly what popped into my head, so there it is. This ep represents happiness, positivity and, most of all, love. MC’s Disco and Big Drak bring really nice, floaty lyrics that perfectly suit the soulful of producer Chuck Boogie for an EP that I found very hard to stop listening to.

Check them out over on Bandcamp and Facebook. Also worth having a listen to is their more recent (2011) EP The Way I See It, which reflects the same optimism and hope, but is slightly less happy in it’s subjects, looking at the environment of decline and corporate corruption they live in. In fact, just check out all four releases on their Bandcamp.

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