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by • November 1, 2012 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music

ChesterPMyLastTrip Taskforce  My Last Trip
With the much anticipated Music From the Corner 5 landing in early 2013 to mark the return of one of UK Hip Hop’s greatest ever crews, Task Force have just released a single as a prelude to it, giving an insight into the mind altering psychedelia set to come. While Farma takes a back seat on the lyrics on this one, he instead crafts a slow, dark beat full of drum rolls, breaths and screams for Chester P to release otherworldly warfare on.

Despite hearing him on a few guest verses recently, I’ve been really interested to see what direction Chester would take his own tunes, where he has more full creative control, in. After witnessing a really interesting spoken word set (video here) from him a while ago where he literally dumped his drug enlightened mind on the audience for an hour, you can see traces of that in this tune, utilising a slow flow that often becomes more based on performance and strange accents then pure rhythm. He tells stories like no one else can and the stop motion video to accompany it helps bring to life the strange visions he reccounts from his last trip.

Although tracks like this may become slightly tiresome over a whole EP, it’s really strong individually and puts across Chess’s character with pure honesty and a healthy level of self depreciation reserved only for musicians who carve their name so deep in the Underground as Chester does. He’s mentioned on Facebook that not all the scores and lyricism on MFTC5 will be like this, something the purists may appreciate, but even so I’m expecting more unique and original styles from the Brothers Macbain when MFTC5 finally touches down.

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