Strange U- EP #2040 (Free)

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Back again with their unique brand of gully, heavyweight electronic fueled psychedelic rap, Kashmere and his Strange U compadre Dr. Zygote recently released a seven track EP, available as both a free download and a limited edition run of vinyl. The follow up to their 2013 debut on Eglo Records, it sees them taking their sound even deeper down the rabbit hole as angrily twisted synth beats and surreal wordplay merge to chaotic effect.

From the opening track The Cake is a Lie it’s instantly apparent that this isn’t exactly easily accessible, watered down rap, but those who persevere or simply click with the sound will be rewarded with the strange journeys of Kashmere’s otherworldly visions. Referencing the cult computer game Portal in the hook ‘The Cake is a Lie’, meaning an empty promise or the fact that a goal being chased isn’t what it seems, we’re left to wander if that simply refers to his surreal travelings or has more real world anti corporate connotations as he shuns the everyday in favour of taking on strange forms in even stranger situations over Zygote’s glitching bass line.

Elsewhere, the cavernous echoes, heavy synths and 8 bit sound are continued as Vapourous continues right from where the opening track left of, snatching your attention even more as the hook twists it’s beat almost to white noise before dropping back once again to cavernously echoing drums while Part Machine‘s pitched up chorus backing vocals nicely reference it’s message and title. A particular highlight, Strange Universe in Africa finishes off the release with a bang, grainy textures meeting a piercing melody and wiggy atmospherics and a take on a Biggie hook that it’s hard not to crack a smile at. Another rock solid release, Strange U’s sound is undoubtedly not for everyone yet whether it’s your thing or not their sheer inventiveness and commitment to an original sound is hard not to admire. Zygote’s beats are as weighty as Kashmere’s punchy flow and veteran presence for a duo that suit each other to a tee. Listen below and grab the free download over at Bandcamp.

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