Spectrasoul- Play the Fool/Bugsy

by • October 31, 2013 • Blog, D&B, Music, New in the Bag

Spectrasoul PlayTheFool e1383233053650 Spectrasoul  Play the Fool/Bugsy

Production duo Spectrasoul have long been one of d&b’s greatest names, but it was their 2012 debut album Delay No More that truly established them as a name to make an everlasting imprint of versatility, progression and originality on the genre. But it didn’t stop there and shows no sign of slowing up. Incredibly productive, the latest in a string of singles on Shogun Audio comes in the form of Play The Fool and Bugsy, a record with a consistent metallic sound that blends their penchant for soulful melodies and vocals with their undisputed prowess with deep, dark basslines.

Play the Fool leads with a scintilating piano underneath the vocal talents of Jamie Jooste, who’s heartfelt vocals give the A Side it’s name with an honest tale of breakup, loss, but ultimately the desire to move on. Strings and the occasional bass stab add the final touch to a track that’s instantly engaging and shows Spectrasoul’s skill in crafting simple, and yet well refined, tunes that perfectly hit the spot. Bugsy on the flip takes things slightly darker with a heavier focus on synth fueled bass lines as dark, vicious tones permeate underneath the slapping snare and mechanical atmospherics lead you deep into the tunes swift progression and it’s echoing vocal.

Yet another two tunes that show just why Spectrasoul have retained their long ago forged status of one of d&b’s leading lights, it’s a single that will slot smoothly into the collections of both liquid DJs and those looking to make a darker impact on the dance floor. Grab it from the Shogun Shop here.

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