Slept On: YoAstrum (Organic Geniuses)

by • May 6, 2014 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music


Unfortunately, it’s all too common to stumble across Hip Hop artists really excelling at their craft and yet reaping little reward for their hard work. One of those such artists to stand out recently is twenty year old New Jersey based MC YoAstrum, his original vocal tone, prime ear for a nice beat and solid work rate making for a three album discography that’s more than just listenable. Gotham‘s hard style and rawganic drums showcase a rapid fire, aggressive flow while¬†the melodic synths of A Days Worth find him flicking between singing and rhyming as he shows his variety over a smooth, dubby beat.

While some of his instrumentals stray slightly too far to the robotic side for our taste, his skill as a lyricist and vision in terms of his unique sound is consistently undoubtable, the glitching fuck of of Heav3n propelling him into the future, while his crew tracks with Organic Geniuses often showcase his more up front sounds. That’s without even delving into his production, crew member Mike Melinoe’s Greed to Conquer being a good place to start on that side of things. Check the stand out tracks I’ve mentioned below and hit up his Bandcamp or Soundcloud for more.

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