Skuff- Darkside (Video)

by • February 11, 2013 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music

Cambridge MC Skuff is one of those that’s been grafting since you were listening to So Solid Crew. With twice the heart of most, bags full of soul and prowess both with a microphone and an MPC, he reps hard for real hip hop with a boom bap flavour and bucket loads of both emotion and funk. His 2012 LP Destroy Everything dropped to critical acclaim, if not all the recognition it deserved, with production from himself as well as the likes of Chemo and Farma G, giving fans the most in depth, honest and lyrically honed look at the Supreme Being and Delegates of Culture co founder yet.

He’s just dropped a video to one of my personal standouts, Darkside. Dealing with the issues of crew fallouts and friendship, it’s an honest walk through certain events that allows him to both clear things up and no doubt get stuff off his chest over the acoustic guitars of a bouncing, beautifully crafted beat by Bee 109. It’s easy to think of artists and crews you listen to as just that and the fact that hip hop crews aren’t some label organised, money driven boy band is easily forgotten, something that he hits home with a closing bar filled with truth: “We’ve never been a crew or even friends, we’re family”.

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