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Bournemouth multi genre emcee Sir Mic has become a known face in the South Coast hip hop scene since his debut mixtape in 2007, ‘Red Stripe, Fights and Freestyles’, eventually finding a place on the Fresh Beat Recordings and Strive Agency rosters. We managed to catch up with him off the back of his new single ‘Only God Can Judge Me’ to see what 2011’s got in store.

Sir Mic

Easy, firstly cheers for taking the time out for this interview. Can you give us a little insight into you’re beginnings in Hip Hop, what made you first get involved and how long have you been making tracks?
No worries at all bro. Ok well Since a really early age i was always intrigued with Hip Hop and wanted to become a part of it in some way. I’ve been writing music in some form for maybe 6-7 years now, although my first mix-tape didn’t come out until late 2007. After various issues in life i didn’t get around to releasing anything else until late 2009, and since then i’ve been making a conscious effort to up the product and work rate, which seems to be paying off right now

As one of the key faces in Bournemouth hip hop, what do you think of the scene right now? How do you find it trying to make moves in music from a smaller town outside the limelight of places with heavyweight scenes like London and Nottingham?
There is a lot of artists i rate here right now. The problem in the past has been a lack of exposure, money or confidence to get on a par with the big cities, but it seems to be changing. In the last 3 months or so iv seen a lot of real high quality stuff being released. Its obviously a lot harder down here due to location and the urban scene being so centered towards London, but with the net being so important these days i still think it is possible to sustain a music career down here. Its far from easy though!

You’re signed to Fresh Beat Recordings, how did that come about?
When i bought out the ‘Bournemouth Town’ video last year and it became a cult hit on youtube down here, J Fresh, the label owner, asked me and Dias on his radio show on Fire FM. He was impressed with what he heard and asked us to become a part of the new label. It’s always nice to know we have a solid collection of artists on the label who help each other out with their different talents. Watch out for lots of Fresh Beat Recordings material in 2011!

You do a lot of collabs with both Bournemouth artists and those from elsewhere, what other Bournemouth/South Coast emcees are you into?
We recently did a remix of Tinchy Stryders ‘Game Over’ with Bournemouth mc’s, all the guys on there i rate very highly plus a lot more like Theone Coleman, Zuby and Bones & Meterz. There’s so much young talent coming through too like Kane, Ayite, Reality, A.J & Dirty Narcotics, Therapy….and thats only half of the people! It’s promising times for Bournemouth Hip Hop on the whole.

At the end of ‘Only God Can Judge Me’ (which I’m really feeling by the way) you talk about it going back to your roots in terms of making a deeper tune, what inspired this move?
I originally had a ‘dance inspired’ mini album planned for Spring this year. I just found that as well as the scene in the UK seeming to start to change into more conscious and lyrical stuff, i felt i needed to put my heart out there too. I did mainly commercial/radio stuff in 2010, and although it went down really well and increased my fan base, I felt people where judging me as a ‘commercial’ rapper without hearing what I’m capable of on the other side of things. I felt i had to balance that out and show i am human and have lived and experienced bad parts of life too.

The beat for that tunes from a Math Hoffa tune (big up to him!), have you ever thought about making your own beats or have you got any other related projects along side lyrics?
Yea shouts to Math Hoffa for tweeting my version on his twitter! Although this is a ‘dub or remix, the rest of ‘Working Class Hero’ is all originals, with production from Dyversity, Dias, Reality, Danny Knowles, Smiffy, Parv and more. It’s been nice to work on a blank canvas and put across my ideas and thoughts.

That track’s the first release from a forthcoming mixtape ‘Working Class Hero’, when can we expect to see that drop and what else is planned for 2011?
‘Working Class Hero’ will be released for free download on February 17th at, followed 2 weeks later by a more commercial, hype mixtape titled ‘Murking Class Hero’ (see what i’ve done there haha).
This is all gearing up for my debut single, ‘I Aint Going Anywhere ft Cynikal and Jasmine Knight’, which will be released on Itunes on March 7th. You can also find a track of mine on Stealfs ‘I Am Stealf’ album soon, alongside Jadakiss, Joell Ortiz and Nu Jerzey Devil along side a whole load of other top UK and US artists! Also in May,you can find my vocals on the next Clubland Smashed CD. I always stay busy and there’s a whole bunch of other stuff but they are some of the main highlights

Any last words?
Yep,if anyone reading hasn’t heard my stuff and is intrigued by what i do,then please ‘like’ the Facebook page, until my website is completed that is the primary page for all updates, exclusives and freebies.Thanks for having me!

For a free download of ‘Only God Can Judge Me’, click here!

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