SheOne- S1 (Video & Zine)

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SheOne SheOne  S1 (Video & Zine)

I’ve always been a fan of SheOne’s sharp camo patterns. Effortless simplicity combines with a careful aesthetic and compositional touch for work that can often appear basic and yet is meticulously executed. Born of graffiti letter forms, his abstract patterns are devoid of letters but still pay homage to their flow, style and lines for an evolution of graffiti style, subverting it into an image based context for a modern take on the art form. Completely different in it’s evolutionary path to other modern street art styles, his is one obviously born from a graffiti education and retains credibility in it’s links to the culture, something many of the new generation of street artists lack.

SheOne2 SheOne  S1 (Video & Zine)

His debut solo exhibition, S1, opened recently at Gamma Transport Division in Edinburgh and runs until the 11th December. An evolution in methods and mediums, his distinctive style lends itself to much more than just the traditional canvas as bikes, spray cans and more also display his work. Utilising a collage approach in many pieces, you can see how he’s toying with his own stylistic creation, pushing and pulling it in new directions. As well as the video below, documenting the exhibition as well as his processes in creating the work, the gallery have also released a really nice PDF catalogue, download that for freehere.

In graffiti you have to be prepared to walk away from your works. It is a one shot deal, whether it’s a rooftop in the Bronx or an abandoned farmhouse on a Sardinian hillside, you will never personally see the work again. What is important is committing to a moment and the experience of making the works.

SheOne3 SheOne  S1 (Video & Zine)

SheOne4 SheOne  S1 (Video & Zine)

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