sheOne- Blackatelier

by • July 23, 2014 • Art, Blog, Product Watch, Visual


sheOne’s sharp, futurist camo has long adorned everything possible, from clothes to walls, cars and record players, and we’ve never been able to get enough. Using his spraycan flourishes to accentuate the textures he paints on, letting them influence his abstract compositions, he’s one of those artists that has a very defined style and yet contorts and twists it to any surface he attacks, something that’s allowed his work to flourish from the streets to the gallery. Now over 20 years deep in his camouflage experimentation, a long overdue book featuring photography from his personal archive is to be released by art book retailer Gamma Proforma. Printed in a large format hard cover, it’s wide spreads and full page printing lend themselves perfectly to losing the eyes in his dynamic patterns and shades, an ideal coffee table book that you can come back to over and over.

228 pages long, signed by sheOne himself and complete with a 7″ vinyl picture disk, Blackatelier is available to preorder from Gamma Proforma’s website here. Check out more photos of both the book and his work below.








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