Seba- Cold Spring/Addicted

by • July 27, 2014 • Blog, D&B, Music


The meeting of long time Swedish producer Seba and BCee’s consistently on point Spearhead Records was always going to be laced heavily with soul and melody, so the infectiously up beat, airy liquid of Cold Spring/Addicted comes as no surprise. Nor does it’s quality, Seba’s production having been gracing some of d&b’s finest labels as well as his own Secret Operations imprint for nearing two decades now with deep, textured liquid that has lost none of it’s impact over the years. A master of engulfing bass lines and melodies that jump the barrier between soothing and funky dependent on your mood, nothing changes on this forthcoming 12″ released just in time for the height of summer on July 30th.

While Cold Spring starts things off slowly and full of suspense, it’s powerful break and warm tones eventually crashing in after it’s intro drums fade out into spacious pads and an ear pricking synth melody, it’s flipĀ Addicted launches almost immediately into wobbing bass and funk fuelled bongo drums underneath powerful female vocals as it then continuously builds and crescendos to a liquid anthem with a big band feel that’s bound to sway dance floors left to right. Opting for vocals on both tracks, Robert Owens’ soulfully bittersweet tones gracing Cold Spring, the release plays like a double A-Side as Seba’s up beat, hands in the air sound travels through a vast array of swooping synths that reference the style of liquid d&b he’s long helped pioneer while moving it into the future with crystal clear production and meticulous attention to detail. A euphoric record that’s juxtaposition of attention snatching weight and light tones make it perfect for the summer parties, Seba and Spearhead Records both once again prove they’ve remained at the height of relevance while staying true to their much loved brand of more friendly d&b. Grab it directly from Spearhead here.

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