Saber & Zeser: LA Mural (Video)

by • July 8, 2014 • Art, Blog, Visual

Legendary Los Angeles writers Saber & Zeser recently painted a massive scale mural around a downtown LA building, focusing their work on the theme of ‘The Buff’ and the constant fight between graffiti and those that eradicate it. Using a variety of bombers tools from fat caps to fire extinguishers and rollers, their chaotic, anarchic collaboration touches on the way remnants of graffiti are often left poking out from where it’s been painted over or coming through cheap paint. Visually stimulating, the vast mural attacks your retinas, something like an overused legal spot but with an underlying symphony, flow and structure to it’s seemingly organic tussle of elements. As you’d expect, the video makes the creative process behind the mural look as entertaining as the finished product is on the eyes, the two writers taging, splattering and brandishing hoses and fire extinguishers at the massive expanse of white canvas. Check it out along with some more photos below…

[vimeo 97591995 640 360]

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