Robbie Maddison’s Air Craft

by • February 12, 2013 • Blog, Skate/BMX

There’s no knocking what MX riders do on a day to day basis; those bikes they ride are heavier then they look and they go very fast, very far and very high on them. Having said that, it’s always nice when an extra level of interest is added and that’s exactly what DC’s latest video featuring Robbie Maddison does. Filmed in Arizona in a military service plane graveyard, they’ve set up an awe inspiring course out of bits of old plane that puts Tony Hawks levels to shame. Moving trucks and crane lifts add to the creative fun as an incredibly filmed sequence shows Robbie ripping around among the planes like it’s nothing. It’s a really cool direction for the sport, and for extreme spots in general, and is pulled off perfectly. Check it out below.

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