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Canadian countryside composer Raycord uses the elements of nature surrounding to inspire his analog beats, recording his tracks on open reel tapes. Following on from his previous album L’hiver Blanc, his latest creation is a fourteen track experimentation in sound in collaboration with Steve Cloutier entitled Ruban Ruban (‘Reel to Reel’ in English).

Released by Phonosaurus Records, they’ve created a mellow sound oozing with soul that immerses you in beautiful trip hop beats surrounded generously by downbeat sound scape workouts and thoughtful melodies. From the incredible vocal echoings and beautiful keys of Chaman to the dramatic drums of La Station Secrete with it’s wet bassline and cinematic violins, it’s one of those albums I knew I’d love at a very early stage and it retains an encapsulating deepness throughout.

RaycordRubanRuban Raycord  Ruban Ruban

Occasional flurries of excitement, such as throbbing and up beat bass line sections in the otherwise spaced out Music Box, help add variety to an otherwise slow paced album but long sections of synth and pad play retain the trance like element Raycord’s music thrives in. Vent du Lac also adds a slightly more up beat touch towards the end of proceedings, incredible harmonies permeating around a fast break defined by tight drums for a tune that creates an incredible ammount of depth in it’s intricate ebbing and flowing between soft and loud points.

It’s a really strong release, but one that requires patience and attention as it’s slow pace gives the important sections a little bit too much room to breathe in places. However, for those willing to devote a bit of attention and time, there’s plenty of rewards within the cinematic world and fluttering atmospherics Raycord’s created. One for the thoughtful moments, long walks or late nights, it taps into an area of music I personally love and is an album I’m really looking forward to further acquainting myself with.

The first single, a lullaby like track called Wurlitzer à Nu, is available for free download from below and you can check a really nice video for that above. The full release drops on September 12th so head over to the Phonosaurus website to stay in the loop on that.

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