Qbig & Zenith B- Exiled Mind/Matador

by • January 28, 2014 • Blog, D&B, Music, New in the Bag


Worcester label Protect Audio celebrate their tenth release on February 4th, returning in fine form for 2014 with two tracks of expertly finessed bass and detail filled drum-scapes. D&B duo Qbig & Zenith B, hailing from Switzerland, take full control on both tracks, fresh from releases on the likes of Demand Records, crafting a fine feat of musical engineering that’s weighty in it’s menacing bass stabs and blanketing atmospherics while also retaining a sense of delicacy through it’s intricate drum patterns and dexterous clicks; holding up the track like the pillars of Brutalist Architecture, seemingly impossibly supporting the dense concrete structure’s above them.

Exiled Mind immediately immerses you in the release’s engulfing sound-scape, it’s throbbing pads and creeping bass wobbles fading away to light hat rhythms and mechanical shifts before it’s piercing kick drops the the tracks intensely minimal style, building elements and filling the gaps in it’s effortless groove as it travels through fine tuned progression for a track that always keeps you on your toes. A more pronounced snare completely ups it’s atmosphere after the breakdown, completing a stand out track that really caught our attention. Matador continues in the same vein of ominous atmospherics, bringing to mind the eerie creaks of the machine worlds in The Matrix Trilogy, before opening up into it’s faster drum break, up beat synths and robotic edits that add to it’s skittering modern funk.

A release from a duo we were previously unaware of, Qbig & Zenith B have well and truly burst onto our radar here at BC with a top quality release that benefits from incredible attention to detail and carefully considered progression. Head over to Protect Audio’s Facebook to stay in the loop about it, or check your favorite digital outlets on February 4th.

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