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Chemo- My Mate Does Beats CD/Tee Bundle

ProductWatchJuly2 Product Watch: July
Chemo recently dropped this CD and Tee package, a 24 track compilation featuring some of his friends and associates who happen to also produce incredible beats. A selection of instrumental musings, abstract hip hop cuts and rough beat sketches, it’s a really nice vibe with artwork that matches the sleeve by Michael OhMyHoney.
ProductWatchJuly e1341668806450 Product Watch: July

Serving suggestions: Perfect for impressing subordinates at a dinner party, soundtracking a fight between angry farm-hands or even suitable for a long meditative drive to Perpignan.

Pick it up over at the Kilamanjaro web store.

‘I Love Beer & Graff’ Original Tee Rerun

ProductWatchJuly3 e1341668860765 Product Watch: JulyThey’ve just dropped a rerun of this classic tee, available in white for a meager £12 or black for £15. They’re both dope but I personally prefer this simple, bold design to the later one they did featuring a hand style pattern. Just don’t wear it to your court date! Pick it up here.

Monokrome 2

ProductWatchJuly4 e1341669105127 Product Watch: July
Graffiti book curators Monokrome just dropped the second book in their series, this time in full colour (which yes, goes slightly against the name but there we go) featuring wall, canvas and blackbook work. With another all star cast including Remi:Rough, Does, Tilt, Kofie and Shok1, you can be sure there’s plenty in there to make your eyes sizzle. Grab it, along with the first one if you missed that, here.

SeventySeven ‘Capture’ Collection
ProductWatchJuly6 Product Watch: July
Music inspired clothing company SeventySeven just dropped a really nice new range of tees and crews featuring warm, idyllic photo prints on their normal high quality, well cut, stock. Everything I’ve got from them’s been really nice quality and they always come through strong on the designs. Peruse the full range on their website.

ProductWatchJuly7 Product Watch: July
Millionhands Sale

ProductWatchJuly8 Product Watch: July
Another company heavily inspired by the electronic music outfits they often collaborate with, Millionhands have currently got a sale on. My favourite piece is the ‘Warm X Millionhands Birthday Boy Sweat’ which was released to celebrate London agency Warm’s twelfth birthday, but there’s plenty of tees and crews to check out over at their webstore. An extra 10% off for new customers as well!

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