Here I Am – Photographs by Lisa Leone

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Photography has always played a large part in music culture, helping to define the aesthetic of artists and giving fans another way of seeing their favourite artists. Nowhere is this more apparent then in Hip Hop, from dusty shots of producers digging through goldmines of vinyl through gritty backstreet flicks of posturing rhymers to shots of the outlandish New York street styles the culture spawned. Someone who’s been in the midst of this since the early nineties is Bronx born photographer Lisa Leone, armed with her trusty camera, an unstoppable eye for a classic photograph and cojones that took her deep into the heart of a movement in it’s adolescence. From Nas and Premo in the late infamous D&D studios deep in the the inception of perhaps the genre’s greatest album to pioneers such as Grandmaster Flash, Hip Hop’s documented in incredible form and depth in her recently released book Here I Am. 104 pages of classic photographs, larger than life characters and humble artists, text contributions from the likes of Rosie Perez, Fab 5 Freddy, Nas, Mare139 and Fabel cosign one of the most important books on Hip Hop about. Pick it up here and read the OkayPlayer interview with the lady herself over here.


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