Perspective 002: Mike Aitkin

by • September 18, 2013 • Blog, Skate/BMX


You may remember us featuring the first in the series of ‘Perspective’ videos by The Diggest, which featured legendary New York street BMXer Edwin Delarosa. Well, the second part’s recently been released and, while Edwin’s take on the sport was interesting, it goes even deeper with an exploration of Mike Aitkin, and particularly his road to recovery since suffering a severe head injury. It’s a heartfelt, honest tale of one man’s struggle to get back to doing what he loves and goes far beyond the reaches of a BMX video. See for yourself below.

“A lot of the motivation was wanting to get back to where I was, on a bike again and, a lot of it also was I wanted to play with my little boy, and a big part of it was the fact that you don’t tell an Aitken that he can’t do something, and all the doctors told me that I couldn’t. That you can’t, you can’t, you can’t. You will fuckin see, that I can” – Mike Aitken

[vimeo 74612469 640 360]

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