Perspective 001- Edwin Delarosa

by • March 30, 2013 • Blog, Skate/BMX

TheDiggestEdwin e1364658133261 Perspective 001  Edwin Delarosa

Since the internet spawned an overflow of bmx and skate videos, it’s easy for them to become stale. Tricks are often repeated in throwaway 4 minute sections of film that will neither be remembered or truly appreciated, so it’s nice when someone comes with something fresh and well thought out. Enter The Diggest a creative community based around BMX and Skate lifestyle who have just launched the first video in a series that focuses on the people behind the riders and the lifestyles they lead. Number one focuses on one of the most inspirational BMXers of all time, Edwin Delarosa who developed a brand of street riding from his home city of New York that’s been imitated the world over. A really well made piece of film, it features minimal riding and none of your standard flavour of the month tricks, but instead gives an insight into his mind in a way that both BMXers and laymen a like can relate to. See more from The Diggest over on their website.

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