Outlook Festival Documentaries

by • March 18, 2013 • Blog, D&B, Events, Hip Hop, Music, Preview

There’s no doubting that Outlook Festival is just a little bit special (you’ve only got to read our 2011 review to see that), but there promo material this year is something else. Going beyond simply advertising the festival, they assembled a team of young videographers and small production crews to each focus on a particular genre of music the festival represents and film a documentary about it, at Outlook but focusing on the genre in general.

With the Hip Hop installment talking to the likes of Four Owls, Souls of Mischief, Defenders of Style, Broke N £nglish and The Beatnuts and the d&b installment talking to both big guns such as Spy and Lenzman and Spectrasoul as well as younger artists such as Gerra & Stone, they provide a great insight into the genres. Breaching topics such as how they got into it, what makes it all so special and inspirations, it goes much deeper than simply showing you just how ill Outlook is with some interesting insider knowledge. Check both the d&b and hip hop installments below and watch out for the whole lot cropping up over time on the Outlook website.

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