More One & Denziller- Morbiddenziller

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More One’s been steadily building a buzz around his dark, cynical lyricism for a while now, his Number One Fan EP catching the ears back in early 2013, but he’s been doing things the right way and taking his time over the debut full length release. Taking on a name change as one half of a duo, it’s partner in crime Denziller that lends his letters to both the cover and the microphone, joining More One for a split MC album featuring two lyricists who’s atmosphere and subject matter matches that of the other perfectly. Although a name less known to us, Denziller’s proven his worth during a couple of live sets we’ve been in the right place at the right time for and definitely doesn’t drop the mantle across the twelve tracks (plus four CD exclusive bonus offerings) of Morbiddenziller. Armed with a hefty bag of beats from the likes of Sam Zircon, Rebs, 2Late and Reklews, their cold sound and punchy rhyme schemes are accompanied by creeping melodies and scowling boom bap breaks in an album that’s consistently tight all the way from the rhyme-pads to the boards.

Although often taking on beats together throughout, both MC’s contribute solo tracks to the release and it’s More One’s swaggering bars that open up proceedings over the swooping feedback and menacing bass twangs of producer of the moment Sam Zircon’s Zircon Air. Taking his time over the assured wordplay, crackling ad libs go a long way to defining the sinister sound of the release before Denziller joins in on one of it’s stand out bangers Megatrip. It’s slurring hook clicks over the instrumental’s fluttering strings as the addition of Denziller’s presence adds an injection of energy. Elsewhere, the heartfelt atmosphere and emotive pianos of In This Life helps balance out the albums message with a more honest tone, it’s icey exterior opening up for a brief moment of introspective soul, while OG’s Lullaby sees that swagger out in full force with a hard sound that just clicks effortlessly.

Two of the albums four skits, She Was and She Is, highlight the thought and consideration of flow that’s gone into it’s twelve tracks – each MC separately giving their take on relationships in a nice piece of symmetry – and it’s this careful consideration that’s further highlighted by the four bonus tracks; reward for purchasing the physical CD. All tracks that could just have easily slotted into the releases main offerings, the breadth of styles between the mellow, smoked out Insensitive and the thumping beat of The Escapists show how the two can mould there style to impress it upon a variety of instrumentals, a talent that’s made for an album simultaneously diverse and stylistically defined. A rock solid release from two of London’s up and comers, Morbiddenziller has quality and finesse way beyond their standing. Although definitely MCs to watch, defining them as that would be an injustice to an album that’s already finely honed and original in it’s sound. Go cop it direct from their Bandcamp.

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