Noel & Exit9- Data Mode EP

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Another fresh imprint in a slew of London labels that are providing a solid sound track to the city’s night time antics of late, young label Peer Pressure Records have been consistently impressing with a dark sound that can slot snugly into the sets of any DJ with a penchant for the more gritty side of modern d&b. Continuing from where they left off with their recent Breaking Ground Vol 3 various artists EP, fresh blood Noel & Exit9 take up the mantle with their forthcoming Data Mode EP three tracks of unapologetically sinister, paranoia soaked tech rollers that are simply hard to dislike, elements of soul glinting from where they’re buried underneath angst filled synths and deep bass.

Beginning with undoubtedly the lightest offering of the three, Tonight also takes on the role of the personal favourite, snatches of dramatic orchestra and floating vocals meeting a snarling, rowing machine bass groove and bittersweet pianos for a blueprint example of just how we like em. Elsewhere, beware the lurking dangers within the lulls of You Should‘s cinematic opening as filthy synth bass and sirens rise into an all out attack of sharp drums and mechanic switchups before title track Data Mode’s electronics progress through it’s ups and downs to finish the release off on a relentlessly energetic note.

Although not out to break any barriers as it treads fairly well worn territory, Data Mode’s a release that picks up a sound that many of the bigger labels have moved on from, leaving behind them a void of fans dissapointed in their new directions and fiending for the fix of blood boiling, groove filled dance floor d&b they love. It seems a fair few labels are stepping in to do a great job of plugging this abyss and Peer Pressure are quickly becoming one of them. If you’re one such fiend, watch out for the Data Mode Ep dropping on April 28th.

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