Nitri- Going to the Sun/Lies (Calibre Remix)

by • April 17, 2014 • Blog, D&B, Music, New in the Bag

After slipping under the net when it was released through Horizons Music back in mid March, Nitri’s latest twelve has been doing the rounds in the monitors this week, providing an effortless dose of smooth, heartfelt liquid d&b that suits the current sunny days just as well as it does late night driftings. Showcasing not just the constant quality but also the diversity in the Horizons back catalogue, it’s relaxed, hazy atmosphere sits alongside the brooding bass of the more recent SCAR release (here) in a juxtaposition that shows just why Horizons always manage to remain fresh.

Once again teaming up with vocalist Grimm, his mellow vocal tales of heartbreak take on the fluid break of Going to the Sun alongside a warm engulfing bass line that seems to sum up the echoing, intertwining soul vocals. A single synth lead combines with meandering atmospherics to finish off a tune that’s classy in it’s simplicity, showcasing an easy, seemingly natural knack of keeping your ears deeply involved. In terms of the flip, it’s impossible to think of anyone more apt to provide the b-side remix of a liquid record then Calibre. Subtly reworking one of Nitri’s standout classics, Lies alongside Level 2 and Grimm, his quick break and elysian pianos and synth melodies take you through an up beat, heart warming journey of progression for a remix that’s simply Calibre doing exactly what he does best with an already incredible tune. That’s something you can simply never tire of and completes a 12″ that’s a dream for any fan of lazy, melodic d&b.

Out on both vinyl and digital, you can still pick it up direct from the Horizons Store.

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