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As soon as I woke up this morning at some obscenely late time, I checked my email and Facebook, to see a photo uploaded by Not Guilty. It’s a nice looking little pile of graff magazines just about to be packaged up, along with the caption below.

“Parcel being sent overseas to Tim aka NewYorkPrisoner63906054 , courtesy of his friends and family. He’s a Londoner on lockdown in the Big Apple for unknown reasons, but has email access and creates a blog, through his relatives.. Hope it gets to you safe and the screws dont fiddle!”

zeah New York Prisoner 63906054

Naturally, I was pretty curious, and that combined with the search for anything to prevent me from having to get out of bed led me to clicking on the link. In short, Timothy Guvercin is a Londoner, who writes graff, and after moving to New York (as far as I can tell, for work) ended up in a high security prison out there. He doesn’t go in to any detail about what he’s locked up for, but mentions once or twice that he’s pissed off he’s locked up for the actions of other people, who according to him have got away scott free. Reasoning for his imprisonment aside though, he’s serving a minimum of 2 years and has been blogging about it since day dot in December 2010, when he was “kindly woken by shotgun toting Secret Service against, who are screaming at me and are adamant that my name is Douglas Quade“.

I spent the next few hours going through the whole thing and it’s an incredible read. While he may not be the best writer, he’s got a natural knack for telling a story and it’s a perfect combination of brutal honesty, humbling self reflection at at times simply hilarious anecdotes. He stays strong and well humoured for the large majority and crosses between portraying those around him as ignorant mugs, his greatest friends and more often then not naughty school
children in the bodies of 6foot brick shithouses.

Untitled1 New York Prisoner 63906054“After a few weeks of being called a Cracker and a piece of shit white devil, I am informed that i am no longer white, i am black, and that my name is now TimDog”

Despite being a skinny white Londoner in a pretty much all black New York high security unit, he seems to have been accepted and coping ridiculously well, using his time for self reflection, working out and sketching dubs. Whatever he did or did not do, he makes no apologies for it.

“I am in this jail because i consciously decided to live a life without excuses, boundaries and unlimited posibilities. These fucking pigs will never experience a fraction of the things i have done, and will do with my life..and they will pay on their deathbeds for their corporate cocksucking existence”

I’ve put one of my favourite posts, but honestly, go show the guy some love and check out the blog here. If ‘Timdog’ sees this for any reason, stay strong man!

House of God”
“Every Saturday…Two o’clock…Protestant church..
Church is a good place to go, whether you’re religious or not..

It’s not only nice to get a little bit of movement, travelling to a different, unfamiliar part of the prison, but it’s a place where you can meet up with your buddies, co-defendants and possible enemies from other floors..

You can go there to worship too..

It’s not like any ‘house of God’ I’ve ever been to in my life..

Firstly..It’s split into different sections, catering for all the different gangs and crews populated in the jail.

Secondly..There is a NEXT hench guard at the door.

Thirdly..It’s never, ever boring..

Most of the congregation are ultra hench convicts, covered in an assortment of differently retarded body and facial tattoos.

They have come to church for business, and business purposes only..Finding out information..Exchanging messages from different inmates..Organising financial transactions..Material transactions..You name it, they are doing it..

No matter what church I go to or whatever religous house I might be in, and I’ve been in a few, I’m always respectful of other peoples faiths and beliefs..Sadly not everyone shares the same views as me when it comes to respecting their fellow brothers faith..Most heads spend the majority of their time in religious services laughing, shouting, basically on pure joke time..

There is a tonk air vent in the middle of the room, as inmates routinely use the vents as make-shift telephones to speak to heads on different floors, the pastors sermon is frequently interupted by random shouts from inmates trying to contact manz..


It’s hard not to laugh..Especially when the person on the vent is getting more and more frustrated..


The pastor is Chinese. He speaks in a very, very thick accent. All in all, he’s a really good guy, I have a lot of respect for him. His bars always seem to have some kind of direct relevance to whatever it is i might be currently going through, he’s a top boy player in the game..

Man’s patient too..During yesterdays cypher, he was talking about the many puported miracles Jesus is believed to have performed..

“Jesus did things you can never do!” “He turned water to WINE! You can NEVER do this!” ..People in the back of the room start to crack up laughing.. “NO! I’M NOT TALKIN’ ABOUT HOOCH! STOP LAUGHIN!” Everybody in the room is now purely creasin’.. “NO! IT’S NOT FUNNY! STOP LAUGHIN! MAKIN’ HOOCH IS BAD! JESUS MADE WINE NOT MOONSHINE, IT’S NOT FUNNY!”

By this point, the whole congregation is pissing themselves, falling about laughing..even the pastor has a smirk on his face..

As with most religions, the Protestant church in this prison has sections of worship dedicated to singing.. Always a sight to behold..

BARE tattooed, greazy looking dudes, getting mad emotional holding their arms out singing at the top of their lungs, sometimes even flailing them around into the rest of the congregation in an attempt to convey the impression that they are under some kind of magical spell.. While in the middle of a particular hymn, some will spontaneously start shouting, “AMEN! GOD IS GOOD!” Or even take it all the way to the hilt, busting out their own bars in a spare of the moment soprano solo..

I should really go to church more often.. It was a really nice way to spend a couple hours, I felt a lot more relaxed up my return to my unit..Most importantly, I got to see my buddy T who got moved to another floor!

He’s doing well. Nothing new to report. Said he misses me whingin’ to him about my problems..Poor sod.. He really bore the brunt of the depression-era Timothy Guvercin.. Manz also really helped me when I was in a bad spot, cooked me meals, gave me much needed advice,
generally being one hell of a good freind when I needed one..

I should definitely go to church more often..”

Timdog New York Prisoner 63906054

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