New In The Bag #7

by • March 17, 2011 • Blog, Music, New in the Bag

Need for Mirrors- Super Earth Ep: This seems to showcase some of the most creative work I’ve heard yet from the Need for Mirrors duo, consisting of Mosus and HLZ. The heavy sub, glitchy twangs and kinda eastern futuristic melodies of ‘Panoramic Views’ really stand out and grab my ears, while ‘Moving Pictures’ pays homage to earlier tracks such as ‘Tilt’ with a heavy bass and steppy drums. On the second 12″, Screenplay shares soundscapes with the likes of ASC and Consequence with glitches and leads to keep you guessing then ‘Medallion’ is a more raspy affair with slightly more clicky drums. It’s nice to see these two haven’t just found a niche and are exploiting it, but instead are progressing as a duo.

Seba & Physics- Before I Can Breathe/The Music: Seba combines his intricate liquid skills with Finnish producer Physics for Secret Operations second release of 2011. The A-Side, ‘Before I Can Breathe’, features an amazing female vocal over a lengthy reece bass and steppy drums with plenty of fills to switch it up a bit, while ‘The Music’ is a much heavier affair, dropping to dirty beats after a cinematic string intro and a dark male spoken vocal.

Spectrasoul- Lost Disciple/Reminisce: I’m really feeling this latest offering from Spectrasoul, which seems to follow on in vibes from their ‘Glimpse’/’Absentis’ 12″. As far as I’m concerned, these guys pretty much personify deep d&b so it’s good to see them coming strong for their first Shogun release in a while (although they recently remixed BTK’s ‘Things I Do’ and collabed with Break for ‘Martyr’, which featured on his Resistance LP). Lost Disciple is perhaps the deeper of the two, with really thoughtful, sweeping chords and vocals that are as mysterious as D-Bridge’s offerings on Glimpse. Reminiscence, which steps things up on the bpm counter, is also slight more dancey with techy drums, echoing vocals and a snappy snare. I’m really looking forward to seeing how these guys keep it fresh for the rest of 2011!

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