New In The Bag #12

by • May 12, 2011 • Blog, Music, New in the Bag

I should probably emphasise that this week, none of this is actually in my bag because I’m poor, but it’s what should be in yours (meaning those of you with money). Also, special mention to the test pressing of Ulterior Motive’s Featherweight VIP which was released on a super limited Subtitles 10″ test pressing, which sold out almost instantly and therefore isn’t featured here.

Dub Phizix- Out There/Athos: Ingredients once again continue the trend of bringing fresh new artists to the table with really high quality beats. Out There is a punchy, Photek esque tune with a deep and crisp atmospheric intro and creepy clicks, while Athos has a more tribal, future d&b vibe about it. A really strong release from a new artist, on a strong label, that looks like it will pave the way for a promising career! Oh and as always, I’m looking forward to seeing what recipe it comes with.
RECIPE017 New In The Bag #12
Tokyo Prose- Introducing Tokyo Prose (Phase One): I’d never heard of Tokyo prose before this one, so the name is fitting, but the young New Zealand duo, who DJ Presha signed exclusively to Read Seal, have really come through with an amazing release. It’s soulful, tight, entertaining production that can really chill with the best (as it does on a label such as Red Seal). Rose Without Rain on the a-side has lovely pianos, strings and a male vocal that really draw you in and put your mind at rest, while LPK sound switches up a female vocal with a darker, steppier beat. It’s all released on an orange and white, marble looking vinyl that certainly looks worthy of decorating your 1210’s.
REDSEAL008 New In The Bag #12

Code 3- What You Sayin?/Double Dipped: A collaboration outfit consisting of Jubei, SP:MC and Dakuan immediately sounds too good to be true, and the mergence of stalwarts such as them has produced yet more gold for Critical. What You Sayin has two-tone chords and a staggered break to slowly bring you into a bassy, heavyweight piece of music featuring snappy snares, thudding subs and smooth keys. The laddishly titled Double Dipped is a stepper of true class, with a heavy break, contemplative pads and bass that gently rises towards the drop. Critical can do no wrong.
CRIT055 New In The Bag #12
Ulterior Motive- Tesla/Seven Segments:
Bournemouth based duo Ulterior Motive once again deliver a nice slice of the rolling future-funk they’ve come to be known for over the past year or so, once again for Teebees Subtitles label. Tesla has teasing rolls and rising pads up to the drop and doesn’t disappoint with a heavily staggered break and a dark, futuristic moan of a bassline. Occasional cuts out to heavy synths break things up a bit and keep it fresh. Seven Segments finally sees a release on the flip, an absolute tearer of a tune which, although fairly similair in sound to Tesla, changes things round a bit with a vocal for the intro and you gotta love that instantly recognizable melody and the absolutely rawkus synths and bassline.
SUBUK008 New In The Bag #12

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