Nas: Time is Illmatic (Behind the Scenes)

by • October 14, 2014 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music


With the twentieth anniversary of Queensbridge wordsmith Nas’ legendary debut album Illmatic having just passed, it was given a fitting commemoration through the release of a full film (documenting the birth of the seminal release and the culture, places and people that helped spawn it. Put together over the last decade by Directors Erik Park and One9 it features not only Nas but his father, friends and collaborators in a detailed exposition of what’s considered by many to be Hip Hop’s greatest ever album. With the UK premier having just passed at the London Film Festival on October 9th and the official release on Friday October 24th, the two directors recently sat down to talk through how the film itself came together, revealing a long moonlight hustle and plenty of gambles along the way before they even got Nas’ blessing to tell the full story. Check that out, along with the official trailer, below and head over to it’s Uk distributor Dogwoof’s website for full listings of the UK screenings. Not to be missed.

[vimeo 108074735 640 360]

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