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Growing up as part of the skate scene in Watford, quietly taking in the rapid moving graff that layered the walls of the local skatepark thousands of coats deep, the letters N and A were two that became hard to ignore. They don’t produce anything too over intricate, but rep bold, in your face letters dirty and true to the art of bombing. Risk, one of NA (Nasty Artists) crew snatched a top three spot in our handstyle comp a little while ago so here’s some more information and walls from them.

NA12 NA Crew
Who’s in NA crew and what other crews are they reppin?

Fart, Vows, Lesk, Ares, Risk (myself), Nomad, Phor, Adept, Gerph, Kesh, Mover, Zeus, Soak. there is no doubt more, a lot of people within the crew run with different crews, for example TNP, RE, NHS, HTB and TDD. Its one big extended family. Theres also over seas connections, DCK from sweden and Lore and the MoFo’s from serbia.

NA10 NA Crew

How long have the various members been painting?
I can only really speak for myself here, started to notice graff around 2000, probably started doing the toyest tags on bus stops just after that. Id say i really started the game properly in 2003/4.

NA1 NA Crew
How did you all meet and when was NA formed?
NA was formed in 2001 by Vows, Fart and Lesk. I knew them through skating, everyone else seems to have met just through painting and drinking around the same areas.

How often dyou find the time to paint together?
Theres so many of us, its quite rare that we all paint together. We try to, but organising writers can be a difficult thing. i suppose its once or twice a year that we get more than 5 of us out together at one time. Otherwise Fart and Vows paint together a lot, and me (Risk) and Ares paint together a lot.

NA2 NA Crew
Where are you mainly up?
Mainly up in hertfordshire since thats our bumpkin roots (hertfordshires finest as the t-shirts say). You can find us up in london to, and up and down the UK. We all travel a lot so all over the world, Africa, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Australia etc etc

Would you say there’s a style of NA?
There is all kinds of style within NA, id id say Lesk for example is heavily influenced by london style, sharp aggresive letters. Then Vows is quite euro style. But these styles are always changing, everyone tries different outlines. Fart for example changes what he writes practically weekly, either to try different letters or because hes baited himself up. Phor is our go to character guy. Ares to, hes a nutty illustrator.

NA4 NA Crew
What’s planned for the future of NA? I saw you had some tees?
Yeh we had some tee’s done, designed by Phor, printed by our pals at tru-forme (search on facebook). There is talk of getting more done, just for shits and gigs for the crew really. No real plans, just keep doing what we do, living the dream. No Angels

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