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Intalex has been one of my favourite producers for a long time now, and I think there’s few worth their salt in the drum and bass scene who wouldn’t class him as a legend. From 1989 he’s put graft in playing out, running nights, record shops, radio shows and of course having an absolutely savage tune output, whether it be under his own name, MIST (with ST Files) and Mist:I:Cal (with ST Files & Calibre). Not only are his tunes always forward thinking and have a beautiful touch of soul, he’s also a great selector, a real djs dj who never compromises to ‘whats hot’. Hits set in Room 2 at Ram at Fabric last month was definitely my favourite set of the night, and a stand out set of recent months full stop.

However, for all this, he’s never produced a solo album, so I’m allowed to be excited. Coming on Soul:R, his own label with partner ST:Files (also see offshoot label Revolve:r which puts out some really good music), we’ve been promised 12 tracks featuring plenty of collabs and a nice number of tunes just by the man himself. Titled ’21’, a reference to the ammount of time he’s been in the scene since he first started playing out at the age of 18, the title along is a real testemant to this amazing producer.

He just released the track list on his blog, along side a promo mix featuring him going through the crates of the last 21 years so check all that out below.

Marcus Intalex- 21

Album Track list
01 Make A Raise (feat. S.P.Y. & Ras Tweed)
02 Climbing Up The Walls (feat. Lynx & Danny Fierce)
03 Meltdown (feat. Calibre)
04 Hot Hands
05 Dusk
06 Celestial Navigation (feat. S.P.Y.)
07 Paulista (feat. S.P.Y.)
08 TB Or Not TB?
09 Regrets (feat. Riya)
10 Wacky Races
11 Strangeways (feat. Zed Bias)
12 Make Way (feat. DRS)

Marcus Intalex: 21 Years Mix by

Mix Tracklist
Lark – Tendra
Vince Watson – Mystical Rhythm
Rhythm On The Loose – Break of Dawn
Shades of Rhythm – The Exorcist
Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon
Nightmares on Wax – Aftermath remix
LFO – Track 4
Satin Storm – Satin Storm
Blapps Posse – Bus’ It
Mendoza – Get Raw
Nasty Habits – Let’s Go
Origination – Make You Wanna Do Right
Low Key Movements – Ear Drums
FBD Project – The Core
Peshay – Sunray (Ruffage Crew Remix)
Inta Warriors – Vol 2
Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs

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