Lenzman/Phil Tangent- Ever So Slightly (AI Remix)/Clouded Judgement

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Artificial Intelligence’s Integral Records imprint became one one of go to labels for soulful liquid funk when they first released tracks such as Zero T & Alex Perez’ Refusal back in 2007, continuing their high quality line of releases right up until 2012 with Technicolour, Komatic & LSB’s Rotary Motion/Serendipity. However, they’ve been off the burner for the couple of years since, seemingly disappearing straight after the respectable 25 release mark, so it’s refreshing to welcome them back to our pages, their return armed with news of their imminent debut LP Integral Select. Set for classic status, Artificial Intelligence’s own production is a constant spine for a label that’s awash with talent from all corners of d&b, Heist and Lomax sitting alongside Zero T and Eveson.

Introducing the release in fine form, the 12″ sampler sees them return to one of their early hits, AI themselves reworking the passionate vocal and jazzy samples of Lenzman’s 2008 classic Ever So Slightly. Switching the sound up to a hat heavy, colder hue, the remix builds slowly, the vocal snatch a repeated mantra throughout it’s intro as melodies blend into the mix before a more honed in focus on the spoken word sample that permeated quietly through the original ushers the track to it’s full stature. Dropping into incredibly warm bass that perfectly fits it’s carefree nature, it’s the kind of quality rolling liquid we’ve come to expect from the duo, a nicely flipped take on a track that was always going to be hard to truly make their mark on.

Meanwhile, Phil Tangent takes on the other side with the more brooding tone of Clouded Judgement. Harder drums meet more sinister atmospherics as it rolls towards it’s crux; a lovely synth that’s weighty without being overproduced introducing the throbbing bass line of it’s drop. Once again defined by a short vocal sample that gives it continuity though out, it’s relatively simple in style and yet still conjures emotion and thought in a way that many have failed. Crisp, echoing melodies later stand out from the mix for an added layer of sonic texture that finishes off the release beautifully. They may have been gone a while but the Integral Records camp definitely haven’t lost their knack. Grab it from Redeye here.

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