Lego- The Rendition LP

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Popping onto our radar through releases alongside his his crew Defenders of Style for a couple of years now (review of their most recent album here), West Yorkshire battle cat Lego has always impressed with his steely, sharp tongued lyricism and monotone flow. Now stepping things up with his debut solo album, released on London’s Boom Bap Professionals label, his craft is undoubtedly more finely honed than it’s ever been, thirteen cold, bass soaked Jack Danz beats providing the background for his unforgiving attack on the hip hop scene that takes a more musical approach to his battle scene attitude, swaggering through chest puffing metaphor while also occasionally finding room for more thoughtful tracks on subjects such as money and friendship.

Understated and yet constantly hard, Jack Danz’ beats take a low key approach as the breaks talk for themselves, neck snapping drums sandwiched between deep basslines and menacing melodies for a style that perfectly suits Lego’s evil eye vocals. The spacious drums, nightmareish samples and ghoulish synth of his intro sets the scene early for the low fi, casually stepping beats that follow while the outro rounds the release off in a similair style, the punctuation on Lego’s take no prisoners rendition. Somewhere in between, Droppin It On ‘Em’s vocal punches and up front piano sample starts things off with the releases most energetic beat while the rustling crackles and simple style of Get Gone sums up the more atmospheric style the instrumentals lean towards. Eyeballing from the shadows, the beats lurk underneath Lego’s confident persona; the weighty back up on the shoulder of the confrontational front man. Their most relaxed and melancholic moment, Beware of the Trap‘s thoughtful melody encourages Logo to briefly put his battle stance at ease as the releases most introspective track talks on money, the theme tune of another broke underground rapper struggling through day jobs their heart will never be in. Polished off by a slew of tight, sharp cuts from DJ Sirplus, the beats, scratches and vocals become one for a very refined and original style that ensures the release stands out on it’s own two feet.

Full of attitude from start to finish, The Rendition takes it back with dusty samples and thunder storm esque beats, but it’s Lego’s Yorkshire accent and punchy enunciation that adds an original twist as he shows hip hop heads just how it’s done. Entirely featureless, it’s an uninhibited forty-five odd minutes of his MC destroying style, the confident real talk penmanship of All About That mingling with almost horror core metaphor as he stands in a firm battle stance, taking on a western gunslinger persona in Saloon Doors and looking through a killers scope in Shock Horror. Finely crafted rhyme patterns and a faultless flow back up his swaggering chat in a way that few MCs can pull off, his style relatively simple but effortlessly executed with a style and finesse that talks for itself. Listen below and go grab the album for just £4.99 from the Boom Bap Professionals Bandcamp.

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