Lee Scott ‘Tin Foil Fronts’ Interview

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Almost capable of inducing psychoactive behaviour through his schizophrenia infused lyricism, Lee Scotts been bringing the psychedelic to the UK Hip Hop scene for a while now. It was back ‘03 when he formed the Antiheroes with fellow Blah cultist Salar, together formulating the Middle Finger Salute mixtape in ‘04 which essentially marked the beginnings of his career as an MC. Lee Scott’s acclaimed work with the disconcerting super-group Children Of The Damned aided the initial growth and development of the nations most lyrically cynical cult; Blah Records. He then followed through in a way many hip hop MC’s fail to, steadily progressing up the ranks of recognition within UK hip-hop thanks to a string of solo releases dating back to The Wrong EP in ’06. A collaboration with every child’s nightmare, Monster Under The Bed, initiated the unruly and unnerving Mcabre Brothers act.

Beholding a modest reputation as the grandfather of Blah Records, today Scott anticipates his latest solo venture ‘Tin Foil Fronts’ which is set to drop May 26th. We spoke with him exclusively to learn first hand what to expect from the madly anticipated release, consequently discovering more about his peculiar persona. Without further ado….

Lee, how was the Glasgow show with Dirty Dike and Sammy B-Side last week?
It was cool yeah. Drank a bit, ate some rubbish. Stayed up till stupid o’clock so we could munch the free breakfast and talked really loudly about rap music with Sammy B-Side surrounded by old people. Big up all the Scottish fam!

Tin Foil Fronts: When did the production begin, and how has the process been?
I knew I wanted to make an album called Tin Foil Fronts in about 2011 but I guess I “officially” started making it in summer 2012, even though pretty much every song bar maybe 2 from around that time got thrown on other projects or scrapped. I just kept on making songs, putting them in the vault and coming back to them. I made like 3 other projects and put them out in the time I was making Tin Foil Fronts, it’s just something I kept coming back to.”

I made the entire thing, or recorded the entire thing rather, in the living room of a flat I had in Liverpool. I originally planned to do it in a studio in Anfield but some difficulties prevented it so I just borrowed some equipment off some friends and done it myself. I’d just sit about and fuck around with things, listen to beats, write. I recorded pretty much every song sitting back at like 3-4am.

Is there a concept behind it? What’s it meant to portray to the listeners?
It just captures a certain time of my life and mentality. I was up and down a lot, quitting certain vices and then unquitting certain vices and so on. I think the album definitely shows that, there’s a lot of different angles. Tin Foil Fronts is like low class cold sag bi-polar swag music from hell. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit and it plays a big part in the dumb shit I make and dumb is the new smart and smart people are idiots.

Honestly though man, I don’t think of the listeners. The potential listener is nowhere near any thought I’m having in the conception and creation of the music, I’d still do it if no one was listening. I put it out for the heads to check, then it’s up to them what they take from it. I’m selfish!

Why was Tunnel Deep the track you wanted to give a visual as a taster for the project?
Well, Broken Antenna (the directors) chose that song to do a video too a while back and had a concept and shit so I just went with it. I got other videos but I chose to put that one first because it’s like more of a typical me song I guess.

Did you personally fix the cross and skin the lamb attached to it? Is it still up in your garden?
It’s a goat, and I helped a bit like yeah. It wasn’t my garden, that was somebody who I don’t know’s house. Big them up for letting us use their garden! Their neighbours must think they are fuckin weird. We got some more mad visuals coming up, the next one drops 12th May.”

Would you call Tin Foil Fronts your finest work to date?
I always think whatever my latest release is, is my best work to date. This one has a bit of everything, some people might prefer the more boom bap-esque albums I’ve done but I think this one is a lot more personal and the making stretched over a much bigger time frame so it’s captured a lot more moods and sounds more experimental in that sense.

I think it just has a lot more of a diverse range of sounds compared to a lot of stuff, I think you’d have a hard time comparing it to anything as a whole. Then again I’m working on my own music so much I don’t get the chance to check a lot of stuff coming out, there’s way too much to check! Out of the UK I just mostly listen to other Blah ish, there’s a lot of projects in the making right now. It’s what I live, some sort of mild autism fuels my drive for hip hop I guess!

With such a heavy work-rate, what inspires your lyrical material?
Everything inspires me man, everything! Conversations on buses, trains, girlfriends, cartoons, movies, buildings, my surroundings, pictures of fuckin deserted islands. My friends, everything! Honestly man, pretty much every single word comes from something that happened or a conversation or whatever. I got lyrics on everything in every format, notepads, phones, emails, computers, unopened court summons letters. I’m always writing. I think there’s just a lot of content in the rhymes to keep people occupied.

Do you think that Blah Records is far from world domination?
World domination, fuck knows man, alls it takes is that one thing to take it to the next level innit. Earlier Blah was literally exclusively COTD and it’s members but everyone was pretty young and went into other things. It’s all about different angles, fuck having 20 artists who all sound like the same person. We got a small diverse as fuck roster. Each brings something different but it still all fits under that Blah umbrella. No copy cat shit, originality is the key. We got a couple of heads we are possibly looking to add to the roster in the future too.

Sounds dope! And on that note, any last words you’d like to share?
Yeah shout outs to all the fucking innovators and originators and forefathers and creators, shout outs to everyone involved in the creation of Tin Foil Fronts! All Blah heads. Big up the cult. World Party Force.

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