Konchis & Physiks- The Lying, The Rich and the War Globe (Free)

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I don’t tend to hear about much Hip Hop coming out of Scotland. Maybe that’s just a lack of education to it on my part, but my email inbox that’s constantly overflowing with fresh hip hop from just about everywhere else says otherwise. Maybe it’s just not well promoted enough to reach the other end of this island we share, maybe there’s not much of it, or maybe we’re just not that receptive to the guttural Scottish twang down these parts. Whatever the reason, it was nice to see Konchis & Physics, two Glaswegian MCs, break that barrier and pop up on my Facebook news feed with their recent album The Lying, The Witch and the War Globe.


A fifteen track release, it’s boom bap tapestry, entirely produced by Konchis, bangs hard and sets the tone for an album of raw, up front hip hop where cold beats meet swaggering, gutter style flows. Despite the differences between the dark strings and keys and classic break of the intro track Stop Startin’ and the more futuristic, dubstep inspired bass pulses and tight kicks of the final track Tremor, a breadth apparent throughout, Konchis’s production generally maintains a gloomy atmosphere, straying into lighter territory primarily with the twinkling atmospherics of Fathoms and the funky guitars of Phuckwits. Likewise, the lyricism is largely the tale of unemployed city street rats living for the classic hip hop lifestyle with no regrets and even fewer inhibitions. The flows are heavy throughout with on point rhyme schemes that utilise their accents perfectly, rhyming words I couldn’t even dream of flowing together in my accent.

A sprinkled selection of features sees guest MC’s coming through on five tracks, the first and probably my favourite of which is the previously mentioned Phuckwits, where Leaf Dog joins in alongside Leeds based crew Defenders of Style. The beats on this album are right up Leaf Dog’s street, I wouldn’t have been surprised if you told me they’d come from his MPC to be honest, so he’s definitely a well chosen feature who brings a heavy verse, while Defenders of Style end the track nicely, with Joe Snow starting off their section particularly well. Elsewhere, fellow Scottish MCs Louie, Respek BA, Gasp and Mog all provide dope verses that continue the album’s underground nature and Scottish representation; Gasp’s verse over the melancholic vocals of Para Sights stands out for me personally.

A name your price release (yes, that means you can type £0.00), it bangs hard from start to finish and is a rock solid representation of an under looked end of the UK. Boom Bap heads the world over will be feeling this and the Scottish accent puts a different slant on your typical British style of council house swaggering, ‘give a fuck?’ lyricism. Check it out below or download it on their Bandcamp.

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