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Easy everyone, welcome to Broken Culture! Over the next few month’s we’re hoping to build this site up into a library of good shit about the music, art, sport, clothing and lifestyle that inspires us. It’s a culture of the city streets, and we can’t get enough of it. To kick things off, check out this exclusive we’ve got for you!

Judda Mix

D&B Producer/Dj/Promotor Judda has blown up in the d&b scene recently, releasing dark, edgy and forward thinking beats on renowned labels such as Critical and Subtitles. He’s been kind enough to provide a few words and an exclusive guest mix for us.

Easy, to kick things off, how long have you been involved in d&b and how did it all start for you?
All started for me during the early 90’s, my older sister getting me into the music which was then ‘Jungle’. I havent stopped listening ever since. All through my school years and beyond, it had become more like a religion…

You’re based down in Bournemouth and alongside Whitey (who runs Enter), you’ve pretty much got the scene there on lockdown, how have you seen Drum and Bass in the town progress and what inspired you to first start running your night, Drumfunk?
In my eyes the scene in Bouremouth has come a long way, although its taken a while to get there…
There were old promoters which had the town locked down throughout the 90s and early 2000’s which were supressing certain parts of the scene from coming to the forefront. It was predominately a jump up scene with the same big names week in week out. With these nights tired and predictable I decided I wanted to bring something new to Bournemouth, new exciting acts that people had never seen before and which hadnt been given the time of day from the other promoters. Thats where Drumfunk was born. Many people didnt think the night would stand a chance of surviving but I think the test of time speaks for itself… Drumfunk is 5 years old next month.
Since the change of guard in Bournemouth promoter world it has enabled new nights of various kinds to entertain, along with bringing many different artists and a whole new wave of Bournemouth DJs through. Therefore creating a whole bigger scene altogether which keeps on growing!
I just hope I realise when the times right for me to move aside for the next bunch of promoters to continue pushing the Bournemouth scene the right way, id hate to become the supressant…

Although there’s a lot of people in Bournemouth making big moves, it’s still a town still dwarfed by the big cities, do you feel it hinders you in any way not being in the thick of things as you might be living somewhere like London for example?
I think there is probably quite alot of negatives to not living in a big city when trying to promote and establish yourself and music. If you live in the right areas and are in with the right crowds your more likely to get your music noticed and supported by the right people.
I guess when living in a small town you just have to work harder and shine through with your own skills in music making etc…

I’m gonna smash into a can of worms here, what medium do you currently mix on, both at home and for gigs, and what do you feel about the transition d&b seems to be making away from vinyl? You work in Enter Records in Bournemouth, have you noticed the effects of this through being so heavily involved in that?
Im actually pretty much 99% CD’s now. Not really through my own choice. When making music and getting a few releases under your belt, it gives you the opportunity to trade your music with other artists. All this trading is done by MP3 and its the nature of Drum n Bass to want to be able to play the freshest tunes out and id be a mad man to go cutting them all to vinyl, its a costly process! In which case its burnt onto a CD instead at a fraction of the price, so ive kind of been forced down that route if you see what i mean… Although im at home with my CD mixing now, im still a vinyl lover. I sadly dont own any form of turntable or CDJ anymore, sucks not being able to practice as much as you would like but they aint cheap pieces of equipment!
As for vinyl in general, its obviously no longer selling the sort of units it did but there is still a market for it. The main problems vinyl faces is the pricing mainly, the other is club set ups. Alot of clubs these days are not geared up for a vinyl set up and you usually find yourself running into problems somewhere down the line…
But still an ASDA CD-R with some scribble of a marker pen on doesnt compare to a nice sleeve, the feel and even the smell of a vinyl plate…

You’re really pushing the darker vibe that’s gaining momentum at the minute, do you still listen to other styles of d&b? I remember you once mentioning you’re into liquid as well?
To be honest I like good drum n bass regardless of its sub genre. I think its better to have an open ear in drum n bass or any music for that matter. Its just right now im feeling the dark and futuristic style, it just feels right to me. Delve into my record collection and you find all sorts…many a Twisted Individual and G-Dub tune, right through to early Hospital and deep LTJ Bukem kind of vibes… My tastes just change with time and probably due to getting older. I play what I like, I wouldnt have it any other way and im glad other people can enjoy the music that I make and appreciate!

Who, both in d&b and other genres are you really inspired by, any tips on producers to watch out for in 2011?
Typically The Prodigy play’s an influence on me, hard not to be for anyone growing up around that time who enjoyed dance music… I also liked alot of hip-hop. They definitely dont make that like they used to…
Drum n Bass wise early pioneers like Fabio, Bukem, Kenny Ken etc got me well into it. Later producers like Ed Rush & Optical and a shit load of other late 90’s productions caught my ear, which I still try and play out now. I guess I take alot of influence from that era in my poduction work.
Look out for Enei this year, that mans going to be big news!
Been around a while but Phace is going to step it up, ive heard some ridiculous stuff in the pipeline from him. I think he will be taking Noisia’s role as they move on to other projects.
Im sure Ulterior Motive will be back with more goodness also…

What have you got in store for this year?
Lots of hardwork in the studio, thats my main focus for this year. Got a few collabs near complete so looking forward to the reaction they will be getting. I will also be plugging away at my events too, keeping drumfunk healthy amongst other projects. Alongside working in the record shop and gigging doesnt leave much time for anything else really…

Lastly, can you just give us a little run down of the mix, any highlight tracks for you?
The mix was done using alot the releases im feeling at the moment, along with a couple of dubs and a few archive bits I pulled out for it. ‘Kraken – Side Effects’ being one of them, an all time great for me personally…
A big track on there would have to be ‘Enei & East Colours – Cracker’ (Forth coming on Critical)…seriously baad! Devastating subs.

Nice one mate, good luck with everything for this year!

Catch Judda on home turf at his own night, Drumfunk, on the following dates:
-Drumfunk with London Elektricity
, at Dusk Till Dawn, Bournemouth on the 28th of January.
Enter & Drumfunk, with Fresh, Danny Byrd, Camo & Krooked, Alix Perez, Octane & DLR + more! At The Old Firestation, Bournemouth on the 5th of February.

Mix Tracklist
Phace & Misanthrop – Desert Orgy
The Funktion – Gyrator (Icicle Remix)
Nphonix & Enei- Quicksilver
Rockwell – DJ Friendly Unit Shifter
Icicle & Nymfo – Adrift
Noisia & Alix Perez – Underprints
Siren – Snorkel
Nymfo – Sideways In Time
Enei & Eastcolours – Cracker
>> Icicle – Mnml Funk
Jubei – Patience Remix
Siren & Jubei – Deliberate
Octane & DLR – Transition
EBK – Mud
Alix Perez & Survival – Untitled
Ed Rush & Optical – Wormhole
Linden & Blocks – Fun Box
Ulterior Motive & FD – All That We Are
Rockwell – Noir (Ulterior Motive Remix)
Gridlock –
Break – Time After Time
SPY & Kasra – Surface
Break, Caylx & Teebee –
Lomax – Mercia
Siren – Rollers Convention
Icicle – Cold Revenge
Break – Authentic
Kraken – Side Effects

Click below the audio to go through to soundcloud where you can download the mix, or stream from here.

Judda Broken Culture Drumfunk Jan2011 by BrokenCulture

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