Jose Parla Mediapart Video Interview

by • September 15, 2013 • Blog, Visual


Jose Parla’s graffiti influenced canvases have taken the art world by storm, staying true to his street based background with layer upon layer of calligraphic tags and rough textures which pay homage to the rugged, peeled poster boards of subway walls, taking influence from and paying homage to the sharp, raw form of graffiti. In order to try and delve deeper into the psyche and influences of a selection of artists, Hugo Vitrani travelled to New York to interview five artists for French online culture zine Mediapart. The fourth in the five part series, Jose Parla gives an in depth interview into his history and the thoughts that go into his work, something that proves almost as interesting as the pieces themselves. Weaved into a fifteen minute video among shots of his work, both old and new, on the streets and canvas, it’s a great watch and gives an honest insight into the mind of one of the most important street inspired artists of our generation as he breaks down individual pieces, talks of his childhood and shares stories from his career. Check it out below.

Jose Parla : Plaies et Traces (VOST) by Mediapart

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