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Living in Bournemouth is a blessing at most times, the town is seriously hot in the sense of production, overcrowded with students and locals alike all individually pushing themselves. This interview will be the first in a series, looking into our selection of young guns from the town that are over achieving.
To kick things off, were starting with Jimmy Herrtage. Bournemouth based, but originally from our capital, this Illustrator/DJ really is making moves both in music under the name ‘Sharkbait’ and on the clothing tip under the name ‘Yoghurt Warrior’.

So jimmy, first of all, welcome to Broken Culture, can you tell us your involvement within illustration, do you study it and what are your main interests within the scene?
Thanks for having me! I do study Illustration and am actually in my third and final year of uni. If I’m honest though, my inspiration hasn’t ever been particularly driven by what we’ve been told in the classroom. I have always been more interested in involving myself in something external where I can see real results rather than grades on paper.

You’re known to the heads on the south coast for two reasons, a scribbler during the day and a selector by night, what path means more to you and what’s top of the list in regards to perseverance?
I work at both of them equally, but if I had to pick one route it would have to be designing as that’s always been what I’ve aspired to do since scribbling on my parents wallpaper as a young lad. However hopefully I won’t ever have to choose, as the two seem to go hand in hand due to the relevance of my work to the music scene.

A highlight of your work for us here at Broken Culture must lie within the collaboration you did with Gottwood Festival, we can see your style pushing through here, how would you describe your style? Is it a conscious effort to create a tropical/tribal vibe or do you just put pencil to paper and see what happens?

Glad you like them! This recent Launch ‘Jumanji’ that involved the Gottwood tees was as a project inspired by tribal, Aztec and Navajo influences, and that was definitely something I went after consciously. I’m very motivated by travel, nature and different cultures so this was something I could use to further my knowledge in those fields. Also, Gottwood Festival this year are after a tribal theme themselves, so that worked well with what I was doing. Usually however, its pen to paper with no particular plan.
One thing thats stands out is the names your producing threads for, Jack beats, DJ Fresh and Annie Mac, Rusko and Doorly’s USA Tour this summer, not too mention you’re Art Directing Doorly’s new ‘Pigeon Hole This’ Record Label, how did this all come about?
Massive props to Doorly really. I started off making tees a couple of years ago and gave them to various djs at gigs. After a couple of run ins with Doorly he sent me an email saying that he had been on tour in the US and people had been stopping him in the street asking where his t shirt was from (one guy even asked to take a pic so he could have it tattooed on his back!). It was at this time that Doorly was starting up his record label ‘Pigeon Hole This’ and he needed an artistic director and he thought of me! Since then I have done customized Pigeon tees for Annie Mac, Toddla T, Jack Beats, Zane Lowe, Jaymo and Andy George as well as, like you mentioned, Rusko and Doorly’s USA tour tee! I have also been commissioned to do this year’s Ibiza Rocks tee so basically yea.. Big up Doorly!

Straying onto the music side of things, can you give us three albums you couldn’t live without?
1. Essense of the forrest – Deep Forrest
2. Seal – Best 1991- 2004
3. Bonobo- One off remixes & B sides

Your co-founder of the ‘Get Hype Collective’, a sure residential favorite with the infamous ‘We are your friends’ and playing week in and out at both ends of the UK. Give us an idea of a Sharkbait DJ set for those who aren’t in the know, how would you describe your selection and mixing style?
Well as far as Sharkbait is concerned, my sets tend to be of a more bouncier, wobblier selection. I like to build my set with a range of house, garage, electro, dubstep and dnb. I see Sharkbait as a project to have fun with at nights such as WAYF where there is masses of energy to build on. Yoghurt Warrior however will consist of deeper sounds, which is why my production has started under that alias. Here I can link in my tribal influences that come from my designing etc.

What else is round the corner for the rest on 2011, both in illustration, clothing and music?
Design wise I’m looking forward to expanding Yoghurt Warrior into new areas such as getting hats, jackets and summer shorts made! As well as getting stocked in shops in Bournemouth, Bristol, London and Leeds! I will when finishing my course move to London where I will concentrate on the music production as well as the designing. Along side all that though, I am planning short travel trips to places such as South Africa, Asia and Central America where I will be making short documentaries about all things tribal and tropical giving Yoghurt Warrior another dimension to the brand.

Any tips on some other people, in any field, that are inspiring you right now and we should look out for?
Clothing wise keep an eye out for designers such as Bake Designs, BEG designs, Death Before Dishonour, Ditto, Anti Forty to name a few, and if you want to find more like that head to thedailystreet.co.uk as they know what they are talking about on upcoming designers! Music wise, my biggest current influences include Maribou State, Dark Sky, Midland, ElDoko, Ramadanman, A1 Bassline, Redlight and Doorly!

Last of all, massive thanks for your time! Before we leave you, any shout outs or last words?
Thanks for having me! Lets hope the summer is a tropical one!

Check Sharkbait’s debut tune Jumanji and the Shoot here:
Song: http://soundcloud.com/yoghurtwarrior
Shoot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnhHKNJ7HbU

As a little treat for you Broken Culture followers, Jimmy’s nicely put together an exclusive mix for us all to indulge, check it here!
Broken Culture Guest Mix by yoghurtwarrior

01. Wetrooms- She Sings
02. Midland & Ramadanman- Your Words Matter
03. Cajmere- Brighter Days (John Made Remix)
04. Homework- The Street
05. Ben Westbeech- Falling (The 2 Bears Remix)
06. Missy Elliot- Get Ya Freak On (Doorly’s Pigeon Hole This Remix)
07. A1 Bassline- 1.4.7
08. Ben Mono & Lars Moston – People – Joyce Muniz & Shanti Roots Remix
09. Maribou State- Casanatra
10. Yoghurt Warrior- Jumanji
11. Maribou State- Take Another look
12. Kelis- Brave (Dark Sky Remix)

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