Jehst- The Dragon of an Ordinary Family (Remixes)

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Jehst’s 2011 album The Dragon of an Ordinary Family came as a long awaited return of the drifter, undoubtedly one of UK Hip Hop’s most prolific figures. A much matured style, often slightly forsaking the more cryptic metaphors and imagery of his previous releases for straight up grown man talk on life, love and money, he proved that he’s still got it, not just on the rhymes but also on the production side of things, with another instant classic. Two years on, YNR are preparing to release a remix track of the LP, a mighty seventeen track long cassette tape that sees all of the albums offerings get a remix from some of the UK’s finest producers, both inside and outside of Hip Hop.

From the bouncing soul of Evil Ed’s take on The Illest to the Atari bleeps of The Last Skeptik’s Poison remix, Om Unit’s disco mix of Killer Instinct and Boot’s downbeat, left field England, it’s a package with all basses covered, classic boom bap producers such as Leaf Dog and M-Phazes sitting alongside Alix Perez’s ARP 101 alias and Mo Kolours soul tinged organics. Although the original beats of the album were on point, it’s nice to see an alternative take on Jehst’s style, every producer bringing something fresh to the table. What’s more, it’s always interesting to see how different beats place different emphasis on a set of bars, encouraging seemingly new lines to jump out at you.

Check the previews embedded above and also Boot’s England Remix below, and pre order the tape over on the YNR website.

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