Jed Mildon Triple Backflip

by • May 28, 2011 • Blog, Skate/BMX

Ever been stood at the top of a landing ramp for a jump, trying to pluck up the balls for a big trick (or a small one in my case)? Well if that ever happens again, think of this. Imagine standing at the top of that beast of a roller, with three backflips running over and over in your mind. Nuts.
The rider’s Jed Mildon, a 24 year old New Zealander, the roll in’s 66 feet, the kickers 11 feet high, and the tricks utterly barmy.

Even though I had the trick dialed perfectly into the foampit and onto an airbag set-up, I was still really nervous rolling in for my attempt, but once I was in the air it felt like time stood still and I could see each rotation perfectly” – Jed Mildon

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