Jack Diddly- Self Titled (Free)

by • February 4, 2013 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music

JackDiddly e1360020948409 Jack Diddly  Self Titled (Free)

Keeping up with the demos in the Broken Culture inbox is like a full time job nowadays (out to the heads who send completely irrelevant shit in; a little tip, don’t just spam sites like mad but pick the ones that are actually on your vibe),  so it’s always nice when something unexpectedely dope from an artist I wasn’t aware of pops up to make it all worthwhile. Jack Diddly was that man today.

An eleven track self titled free release mixtape, he’s come with a really nice release to stake his claim to a portion of the scene. A great range of deep, melodic and emotive beats allow him to flow with a unique style that’s low key and often understated while instantly engaging and is added to immensely by some choice female vocals in places. Generally inwards facing and often self depreciating, it’s a character insight that anyone who spends too many nights on sofas will no doubt relate too, without coming off as too whiny or depressing.

A couple of really solid features from Bentron Autobot and Phil Graves bring a bit of variety while latching onto his vibe nicely, while an epic Mr. Key verse steals the show on Tucked Away and serves as another reminder of why we need to hear MUCH more of the Contact Play barrer these days. The jumpy keys and electric keys of Not Concerned which Diddly floats a spaced out hook over stand out as a really original style, while the opening track I’ve Made A Couple Mistakes, over the fresh string melodies of a ‘Two Many Steps’ beat, is my personal favourite.

Go grab it over at at his Bandcamp and watch out for more from the Brighton born/Brixton based lyricist.

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