Incognito- Black Magic EP

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London based label Flexout Audio have been slowly cementing their reputation as one of d&b’s more solid young digital labels, standing high from the crowd by supporting a wealth of new talent on the scene. The latest, New Zealander Incognito who first popped up on BTK’s Dutty Audio, slots right into the labels house sound of sharp, menacing d&b with a four track EP defined by it’s tight breaks and dark atmospherics. With three originals as well as a remix from fellow Flexout artist Philth, it’s a strong start that shows this fresh producer has the catalogue of tunes to hold his own.

Fairly tight nit in it’s sound, there’s not too much room for experimentation across the three tracks, instead it’s a release that sticks with a refined style thoughout. The title track Black Magic kicks things off with ominous atmospherics bouncing off a single hi hat before rising through a stripped back break as elements slowly build into the track before eventually dropping into it’s full weight, letting grubby bass lines toy with the speaker cones underneath a workout of razor sharp drums. Following on from that, Stampede’s tension building atmospherics carry the tune through open hats as it really delivers it’s full force during a second drop where the synth bass opens out as if suddenly let off it’s chain for an unexpected rasping floor tearer.

From Below’s intro snare, sucking you in before it slaps out, works underneath more serated hats and a hard melody before cutting out as the track teases towards it’s drop, eventually drum rolling into the strongest and most original break of the release underneath arrow like stabs. Philths remix of Black Magic completes the EP off in cyclical fashion, reworking the first track into a stronger, more punchy assault of kicks and synths that rip through the fabric of the tracks rapid fire hats, finishing things off with my favourite tune of the release as it travels through low key wobbles and brings a greater array of sounds and progression to the tracks tapestry.

A release targeted very finely at the lovers of dark, moody d&b with a tight new school sound, it’s another fine release from Flexout that benefits massively from the added depth and element of variety Philth brings to it. One for the DJs, it’s refined sound means you know exactly what you’re getting and it’s bound to slot into deeper sets perfectly. Check out Incognito on Soundcloud and grab the release from Beatport here.

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