Ikea Presents- Harry’s Records

by • February 5, 2013 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music, Other

HarryLoveIkea2 Ikea Presents  Harrys Records

It’s not often a massive multinational superbrand like Ikea takes notices of the hip hop scene in our little country, but Ikea have recently done that and used Uk production stalwart Harry Love and his mouth watering collection of records for a new promotional video. After you his mess of a studio and how it works around (or perhaps doesn’t work around) his family life, they completely refit it with Ikea furniture for a frankly unbelievable looking studio where everything’s in it’s rightful place. Particular highlights include a pull out step ladder for the wax wall, inventive use of cutlery trays and a keyboard selection that would leave you wishing you had more hands.

HarryLoveIkea1 Ikea Presents  Harrys Records

It’s not only an incredible advert for Ikea furniture (I’ve been rocking a self modified DJ Desk from there for years and couldn’t ask for more), but also a great insight into the character and life of one of the underground heroes of UK Hip Hop. You get treated to a little scratch show and a sneak peak of a few beats amid shots that will make any producer, crate digger or music enthusiast salivate. It’s good to see Harry’s doing well for himself and here’s hoping the new studio will encourage a wealth of new beats for 2013!

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