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It’s usually Broken Culture fielding the interview questions at people, but in a twist of fate, the good chaps at Holdin Court recently did an interview with me. If you’ve ever wandered what goes on behind the scenes at BC, or wanted to know a bit more about the ideals, outlook and manifesto behind the website, then this is the place to go as they asked some really probing questions. Check a snippet below and then have a read of the whole thing here. Also be sure to have a browse of their blog for more dope Hip Hop inspired interviews, events and music.

Your websites manifesto makes for interesting reading. How much of a challenge is it to write on a subject for publication and keep relative to your websites statement of intent?

Essentially, it’s all just about representing for what we love. Although the manifesto mainly talks of d&b and hip hop, the website relates more to sound, mood and quality than it does specific genres. Maybe it’s sunny and we’re going through a Garage phase, maybe it’s winter and I’m holed up listening to deep hip hop, whatever is getting a lot of speaker time gets exposure. I think of Broken Culture more as a representation of vibe rather than a genre, it’s all about showing the more soulful, musical, poetic and generally what the layman might consider ‘musical’ side of underground and street culture. As much as we love gangsta’ rap, and don’t get me wrong it get’s a lot of airtime round here, that’s doesn’t really represent a bunch of white kids from England.

How that all ties in to the manifesto is that people with less knowledge of it consider the things we love as lowlife pursuits. Your average person just thinks of hip hop as guns & hoes, d&b as pills & screechy synths and Graffiti as mindless vandalism. We’re here to show the world that’s not true, and if you dig a little deeper there’s plenty of gems in the dirt. From the gentleman vandals to d&b that warms your soul and Hip Hop that speaks truths as if it snatched the words from your tongue, things aren’t always what they first seem.

As for a challenge, this is what we do, what we love, who we are, so it’s never a challenge. It’s just about representing for what’s real and at the top of it’s game, the rest comes naturally.”

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