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Probably our biggest HHOTT feature yet, the worlds video platform of choice has been on top form recently, bringing us a massive range of both legends and new comers from around the world as Hip Hop continually goes from strength to strength. From SBTV finally representing a load of our favourite rhymers to the DLTLLY once again linking up with Strangelove, there’s all sorts of entertainment to be had on this page. Enjoy.

The Mouse Outfit feat. Sparkz & Truthos Mufasa- Power
The Mouse Outfit have been teasing tunes from their forthcoming second album at live shows recently and they’re sounding fire as per usual. Here, Sparkz & Truthos Mufasa take on an oriental themed beat, bringing with them an excitable hook and trademark skippy flows. Finished off by a glow in the dark video, at once creepy and light hearted, it’s obvious there’s plenty more good things to come.

Res One- Bristol Bullshit
Split Prophets lyrical don Res returns with with an ode to his hometown, a place that’s become a beacon of Uk Hip Hop in recent years. A typically rowdy, full crew video adds to the carefree, scowling attitude for yet another heater.

SBTV- Coops Warm Up Sessions
London MC Coops is quickly rising up as one of our favourite newcomers of late and he doesn’t dissapoint in this SB:TV warm up session. Five and a half minutes of laid back, steezy flows show just why you should go grab his Lost Soul mixtape.

DLTLLY- Strangelove 2in1 Bars
Always right up our street and bringing some of the most detailed, interesting rhymes around, Strangelove’s Freedom and Chango Flash recently returned to Berlin for another session with the guys at Dont Let the Label You, who as it happens produce some of the best freestyle videos we’ve seen. Linking up seemingly across two worlds, the two lyricists bop through the streets spitting their surreal, narrative prose.

A-F-R-O- Freestyle Session
US syllable mechanic RA The Rugged Man here re-introduces an internet hip hop sensation by the name of A-F-R-O with a ridiculously good freestyle video. Even if it wasn’t off the top, the flow’s are ill.

Grand Wa Zoo- Von D
Grabbing your attention with an incredibly cinematic video, three piece Grand Wa Zoo’s Von D is a tune that’s definitely captured our full interest. A buttery hook splits up verses chocker with playful rhyme schemes over a jazz injected beat. Taken from their Lost for Dayz mixtape, you can grab the full thing here.

Twizzy- Keep the Faith
Another Bristol head, this time with an entirely different swagger and message, Twizzy (of The Three Headed Beast) lace a 184 production with soulful, contemplative rhymes for a more serious take on his style then we’ve seen recently.

Myster E- Certified
One of the few Emerald Island rhymers to be heard around these parts, Sligo based MC Myster E reps well for his crew This Side Up with some solid flows and top notch delivery.

808Ink- Full English
With an avantegarde, electronic style, 808Ink’s mellow flows and off the wall beats come as a breath of fresh air; Hop Hop influenced and yet also bringing many other styles into the melting pot. His latest track’s a creeping, melancholic goulash of synths and pitched vocals accompanied by surreal, elegant visuals.

Soul Purpose- My Darling
True to their name with soul in abundance, four piece MC crew Soul Purpose make a strong debut (to our ears at least) with a vast variety of original rhyme styles over a funk filled beat by Mike de Groot. Broken up by a smooth vocal hook, they’ve got their own style that definitely works.

Ellis Meade/Afro Sam & Blind MIC in The Mouse Outfit Studio
As well as releasing their own full blown material, The Mouse Outfit have been putting out some wicked freestyle videos from their Manchester studios. Blessed with both the cities finest and it’s up and comers, Ellis Meade takes a slot solo (below) with non stop patterns while Afro Sam & Blind MIC (of Free Wize Men) show that they’re two dangerous youngers not to be underestimated (below that).

P3 Spanderer: Ivan Ave
Ivan Ave’s Breathe project alongside Fred Fades was unstoppably fresh (check it here) and this freestyle video does his slurred singing and casual flows full justics. Cruising through the streets, the suns rays creep through the trees to put the final touch on his effortless rhymes.

SBTV- Schooled By Jam Baxter/Ed Scissortongue
SBTV have seriously stepped up their game in terms of Uk Hip Hop in the last year or so, with the latest two underground rhymers to take advantage being High Focus Records own Jam Baxter (below) and Ed Scissortongue (below that). As we’ve come to expect from these two, the imagery, style and flow is unparalleled.

Action Bronson- Easy Rider
Probably the most hype, blood boiling music video we’ve seen this year, man of the moment Action Bronson’s swaggering rhymes are joined by a distorted electric guitar for the perfect accompaniment to a rowdy cinematic narrative, bar fights and guitar power solo’s aplenty. Watch this on Friday at five to five.

Yamin Semali- Esuora
Another from the US, Georgia based MC Yamin Semali takes on a gutter style drum beak and with contrasting relaxed rhymes among twinkling melodies. Another first glimpse of an artist that’s got our ears twitched, it turns out he’s got a tonne of music on his Bandcamp that’s yet to be explored.

Fliptrix- Flashbacks
With a fourth solo album, Polyhymnia, dropping on the 8th October, High Focus founder Fliptrix proves it’s one too look forward too as he tells it just how it is over a pumping beat by Molotov. Watch for our review of the full album and grab the pre order here.

Boothboxers- Believe Ft. Chattabox
One for the breakers, Hip Hop collective Boothboxers do their thing on the matts to the sounds of a devilishly funky beat, sharp cuts and Chattabox’s energetic rhymes for a video that represents Hip Hop culture to it’s fullest. Forthcoming on Killamari Records.

Cutta Chase- Peace of Mind
With his The Clockwork LP having recently dropped on De Facto Entertainment, one of our favourite up and comers Cutta Chase is back once again with another relaxed hot rock. Despite some slightly dodgy vocal harmonies, his introspective rhymes can’t help but simultaneously grab your attention and encourage a good old zone out.

Jack Jetson- Strange Ways
Dropping hard onto the Uk Hip Hop scene with his debut album Adventures of Johnny Strange on RLD Records, Birmingham rhymer Jack Jetson stumbles through the streets to the sounds of his psychedelic rhymes in his latest video. Production by Leafdog ensures the beat bangs.

Cracker Jon & Too Late- What You Prefer?
Achieving the rare feat of making a potentially overly narrative based video come off without seeming trite or cheesy, the latest cut from Cracker Jon & Too Late’s album You Can Take the Cracker Out of Croydon was our favorite of the release and rightly gets the full video treatment. Trippy melodies and a wicked break set the tone for Cracker’s underworld rhymes and a hedonistic binge of a video. Watch for the Oliver Sudden video to finish things off.

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