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Believe me, you’re in for a treat right here. So much Hip Hop. From a Nas appearance on a Bliss N Esso tune and a throwback to one of his greatest originals to a track from M9’s forthcoming EP, Bad Taste Records bangers in abundance to Rag N Bone man killing it on a live Radio 4 session, all styles are covered. Throw in some of the greatest newcomers to boot and there’s plenty of aural entertainment to be had. So without further ado, here’s the roundup of the Hip Hop currently killing it on Youtube…

M9- Colors (Prod. Loopholes)
M9’s Magna Carta came in late in 2012 to take our number one spot of Uk Hip Hop albums that year, so we’re holding our breath for his forthcoming High Fidelity EP which lands on the 31st of May (here). Long time fans may notice it shares a name with an album he put out in 2007, but his styles come on in leaps and bounds since then, somehow vastly improving what was already incredible lyricism. The first single doesn’t disappoint, his intricate prose taking on the difficult subject of race over Loopholes bouncing boom bap beat. Grainy, over saturated footage and Nas samples lend it a 90s feel.

DLTLLY // BARS // DatKid (Split Prophets)
Berlin collective Don’t Let the Label Label You‘s freestyle videos are always some of the greatest in the game, with the illest underground lyricists enhanced by wicked filming and locations, but this one simply takes the piss. Possibly my favourite offering from Datkid yet, the casual swagger of the beat really suits him and he goes in hard as ever.

Nas – Nas Will Prevail (1992) Music Video
Not a new offering by any stretch of the imagination, but this video to Nas Will Prevail (the original version of It Ain’t Hard to Tell) is an absolute classic that’s just been bought to our attention recently. First premiering in 1992 on the Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito show in New York, the track’s raw recording adds to it’s charm as grainy film footage shows the New York streets Nas was so skilled in wording.

Dirty Dike- Waste Of Beer Feat. DJ Sammy B-Side (Prod. Mr. Constant)
This brand new exclusive from High Focus potty mouth Dike sees him further his controversial attack on social leeches, who in his experience seem to be women (watch me feint left then sidestep the whole issue with the outside of the right boot). Uploaded as a thank you for 1 million views on Pork Pie, Mr Constant takes on the beat and Sammy B-Side the cuts.

The Mouse Outfit feat. Sparkz- Blaze It Up
This album’s been rinsed on this website but that changes nothing. On many days I’d call this (Escape Music) the favorite album of last year and Manchester band The Mouse Outfit’s spacey beat meet Sparkz’ tongue twisting flow on this track to make a strong claim for that. Another in an onslaught of videos from the album, the visuals smash it as always.

Illuzual- Peace ft. Rox Slicken
The latest in an all out attack of material from Bad Taste Records, Illuzual and Rox Slicken completely boss this one with pounding beat led by eerie vocal chants and deep, menacing lyricism that’s simply cold. Cold enough to make us forgive even the DOOM mask bite. Taken from the Goodie Bags album which you can pick up here.

Bliss n Eso- I Am Somebody feat. NAS
While the slightly pop rock-esque hook of this is just a bit much, there’s no doubt that Aussie hip hop outfit Bliss n Esso’s lyricism is constantly ill. Aided by an appearance from the mighty Nasty Nas, it’s definitely worth catching his verse on this even just for curiosity’s sake.

Coops- Blessings Ft. Rexx
London MC Coops’ forthcoming Lost Soul is looking set to be very strong when it drops on 2nd June. The second single to be released from it, Blessings carries on where Chillin’ left off with a punching break underneath lazier samples and an incredible flow once again. Rexx joins in nicely to show the kind of features we can expect before a long outro sees him casually singing the beat away. Definitely one to watch.

TPS Fam- Ruff Draft (ft Res, Phoenix Da Icefire & Gee Bag)
Dropping visuals to one of the biggest collaborations from their recent Hot Water Music album, Revorg Records’s TPS Fam return alongside Split Prophets’ Res, Triple Darkness’ Phoenix Da Icefire and Gee Bag. With TPS’s Big Toast himself taking on video duties, it’s a gritty night time rap video with flows in abundance over The Strange Neighbour’s metallic beat.

Rap Man Josh- The Light Keeps Fading
A previously unknown name to us, Rap Man Josh’s single dropped into the mailbox out of nowhere but that doesn’t change the face that it’s dope. With a surreal style reminiscent of Strangelove, it’s no surprise that their producer Demeraera is behind the beat and it all clicks together smoother than marble. Cop the single here.

Solar Black & Black Chronical – Headstone
With the Silver Casket having just dropped (cop it here) Phoenix Da Icefire (under his Solo Black alias) and his brother Black Chronical released this raw, graveyard shift video to accompany one of the releases darker, MC destroying tracks.

King Kapisi- Down with the King feat. Mr Thing
New Zealand MC King Kapisi shows his originality over the stuttering synths of a Si-Res beat alongside some wicked motion visuals and UK don Mr Thing’s scratches which remain as tight as ever.

Jack Diddly & Jake Beattie- Diddly Squat teaser
Warming up to his forthcoming Diddly Squat album, Brighton raised (Brixton based) MC Jack Diddly just released this introspective piece of wordplay alongside Jake Beattie over relaxed acoustic guitars. Watch for the full album on his Bandcamp.

Reckless- Green Eyed Monster feat Cappo, 1st Blood and Dotz.
Fresh Cappo is always something to get excited about, and his opening verse over the incredibly emotive pianos of this Reckless tune doesn’t dissapoint. Although some of the later verses sit at slightly at odds with the vibe he and the hook creates, it’s a smooth tune nevertheless.

Lee Scott- Yes He Did
Back once again, Runcorn’s finest Lee Scott brings us a heat rock from his imminently arriving Tin Foil Fronts album. Experimental beats and hard wordplay are the order of the day as he shows off an undeniably original style.

Jack Jetson – Blue Moon Prod. Leaf Dog
Taken from his album on RLD Records (order here), Jack Jetson travels through the surreal over the cinematic melodies of label owner Leaf Dog’s beat. A really nice piece of animation finishes it off a solid package that shows RLD going hard.

Atmosphere – Camera Thief
One from their recent Southsiders album (buy here), Minneapolis stalwarts Atmosphere return, Slug’s poetic stream of conscious meeting Ant’s increased use of instruments rather than sampling for a spacey, thoughtful tune.

Team Dreebs came back from Berlin armed with this video, 6 minutes of raw footage showing them cyphering over classic beats and exploring the city. Good vibes and straight Hip Hop mindsets from start to finish.

Sam Zircon- Producer Spotlight (Boom Bap Festival Exclusive)
Boom Bap festival went to get a sneak peak into the studio of one of our favourite up and coming producers; Sam Zircon. Showing the whole process of sampling, chopping and scratching, we get an insight into the man’s hardware based creative process as he churns out another banger of a beat, a classic MASTA I.C. sample finishing it off.

Sigmund Freud – Jazzy Forks (The Oddysee)
Sigmund Freud, of Birmingham crew The Oddysee, shows what he’s made of as he travels the surreal in this freestyle video. Nice beats and solid rhymes.

Ivan Ave – Find Me (prod. MNDSGN)
Ivan Ave’s been getting a lot of love from this corner of the internet recently (check our review of his Breathe Ep on King Underground here), and this MNDSGN beat fits his style perfectly for 3 minutes of straight soul. Taken from his Low Jams EP.

Button Eyes – Simple Days (BBC Radio 4 Loose Ends Session)
Simple Days was without a doubt one of the percy’s from the exceptional year of music that was 2013, Rag N Bone Man’s powerful vocals marrying perfectly with the raw acoustic guitar and fully worthy of a live band and production from 184 amongst others. This Radio 4 session shows just how much emotion goes into it with a haunting performance that makes me rate the tune even more highly.

Moreone- Asswipe
Watch out for our imminently forthcoming review of More One and Denziller’s Morbidenziller album, it’s dope. But for now, check this Too Late produced track lifted directly from that, More One taking the beat’s creepy melodies on by himself with a burst of dark lyricism.

Cappo- Yul Brynner (Boot Productions)
I should probably stop waxing lyrical about Cappo. It’s Cappo. Watch it. It’s uncredible. Raw, grimy production from the boards of none other than a dream team of Jazz T and Zygote forms the arresting background, check the trio’s Boot EP on Bandcamp.

Abel Gray- Too Far Gone
Abel Gray really impressed us with the mellow, thoughtful sounds of his Chapter 0 EP (Bandcamp here) and the honesty and emotion alone in this track makes it a definite standout. Relaxed electronic production meets tight lyricism and haunting hooks for a style that could go far.

HashFinger- Ten Thou
West Yorkshire based producer Hashfinger’s incredible instrumental album Lessons ships as a limited edition vinyl package at the end of this month and for the beat heads it’s not one to miss. Really original samples no doubt the product of endless crate digging mean his tunes always have something different about them, oriental twists and stunning melodies intertwining perfectly, and Ten Thou is definitely no exception to that. Cop the album on Bandcamp.

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