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by • May 9, 2013 • Blog, Hip Hop, Music

There’s plenty of new hip hop to get our teeth stuck into this week, from cyphers to tracks, US to UK, so without further ado… Here’s the latest greatest hip hop on the tube.

M9 & Tesla’s Ghost Cypher
Anything M9 has anything to do with is straight up ill, but when you add Tesla’s Ghost, who’s killing it recently on a similair heavy and dark flex but with mad vocabulary and deep content, you can’t go wrong. Chiba got them both to drop verses for the camera.

Jack Diggs- Kill the Sound
Croydon’s TPS Fam are making moves recently with the launch of Revorg Records, and MC/beatmaker Jack Diggs takes the first release with his solo album Dirty Finger Nails dropping on 27th May. I’ve just given it the first listen for review today and can confirm it’s dope! Here’s the first leaked single.

George Chro- Exodus
Bristol based producer George Chro is coming with a really original sound right about now and constantly going from strength to strength. Accompanied by a video showcasing some of art collective/clothing company Decent Peoples work, Exodus is a deep, vibey instrumental piece.

Mistafire Ft. Split Prophets & DJ Callaja
Another one from the Bristol camp, Mistafire‘s leaked a really hard tune from his forthcoming Condemnation EP, featuring expectedly heavy verses from the Split Prophets crew and tight cuts from DJ Callaja.

Ben Diamond- Someday & The Making Of
Having recorded his most recent project The Diamond LP out in California with Aqua, Ben Diamond’s been straight up killing it recently. Here’s a track taken from that project, and also a video showing the making of The Diamond LP and giving a bit of an insight into what it’s like for a young UK MC to head out stateside.

Phili & Dotz- Training for Battlerap
Dotz is one of those rare heads in Don’t Flop who can actually hold his own over a beat as well (not to mention freestyle) and his flow over this Leaf Dog beat is RAW. Top it off with Si Phili and you’ve got a banger.

Pro Era- School High
Pro Era just dropped a video for the Brendun Deshay produced School High. As you would imagine, the tracks steezy.

Techtonic Plates & Tough TouchWinding Down
Techtonic Plates (Matchstick & Satch) and Tough Touch (Kali Mist & Social Conscience) are two crews I’ve not heard of before, but this track Winding Down, produced by Matchstick, brings a really nice vibe. One’s to watch for sure.

Khing Kang King- Metal on Oxtongue
Mowgli’s been taking things deeper and wierder then ever before with his incredibly intricate wordplay and metaphorical wizardry. Teaming up with Old Apparatus member LTO under the name Khing Kang King, Metal on Oxtongue is a a psychedelic minefield with one of the strangest videos you’ll ever watch.

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