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So some of you may remember the handstyle comp we held, along with the guys at I Love Beer & Graff, to win a tee shirt. Well we ended up stuck between three winners, so just hooked up the lot of them! The winning entries are below, along with  a short interview with one of the winners, Rosek.


Crook (of NA Crew)


Rosek also came through with some more of his work and a short interview which is below.

Easy mate, what do you write and are you a member of any crews or collectives?
The name I use for legal purposes is ROSEK, a name mainly chosen on letter flow, as well as me having had to swap names after some legal issues with my friends at the police station and being too unimaginative to have chosen a sexier name with a deep meaning and all of that.
My illegal name will remain a secret though to make me somewhat mysterious, chicks dig that, right?
I don’t belong to any crews though, mainly because I love writing on my own, being the only person on the streets in the cold mist of the night and and illegally changing the landscape around you is one of the deepest experiences one can have. On the other hand nobody ever showed interest in me as a crew member, so MSK, if you want me, hit me up!

How did you get into graff and how long have you been writing?

Thinking about this in retrospective, i think i was destined to become a writer from an early age on, of course i did all the “write on walls instead of paper” thing as almost ever toddler did, which brings me to the assumption that the expression through writing and drawing on walls, the most primitive of making a mark and actively changing your environment with something personal is a natural urge in humanity, which then gets suppressed as you get older because its being regarded as “illegal” and “bad for society”, but now I’m drifting, lets get back on track.
The first mentionable “pre-graffiti” memory of mine is when i stole hundreds of pieces of chalk over the course of months and used them to draw on a hidden corner in school, i still remember the punishment, harsh i tell you. Then i started writing proper tags after reading about graffiti in school when i was 13, got busted like an idiot three months later and stopped for quite some time, then i picked it up again two and a half years ago, and have been treating it as my religion ever since.

Do you prefer to bomb or piece?
Both have their particular sets of pros and contras, the satisfaction of a fully finished legal piece is just…wait who am i fooling? Bombing is the answer.

Are you a purely letter based artist, how would you describe your style?
I do all kinds of art, from canvas painting to pen and pencil to calligraphy, everything is in there somewhere. But somehow only my letters seem to catch on with the public, which bugs me a bit.

My drawing style consists of whatever is on my mind at the moment, mostly crazy, funny or sexual stuff, i think it always shows a bit what i was thinking and feeling like at the moment of the production, which to me is the most interesting thing about art in general. My letter style has never been consistent for more than two months, sometimes i like them sharp, sometimes i like them euro and round, i guess its always a bit representative of my mind frame in that period of time. Oh god i sound so pretentious.

Where are you from, and what’s the scene like in your area? What kinda styles are people pushing?
I’m hailing from the southern swiss alps, the scene is dead, nobody is active, no styles are being pushed, except for the style of the snitch, people around here seem to have that down to a science. As you might see I’m kind of frustrated with graffiti in my area, which leads me to travel a lot to get up, i have gotten up in France, Italy, England and Switzerland since may of this year, and I recommend it to everyone, you learn a lot about style and people when you travel.

What other writers can you recommend from your country?
This is a rough one for me as I know the international scene way better than the national one, but i can definitely recommend 2-Mask, this guy is inspiring me beyond explanation, I’ve seen him with a full colour piece in every train station from my home to France, and beyond these borders, supposedly he’s up like that from France all the way to Austria, in Belgium and so on, easily one of the most up writers in Europe. And of course Smash137, that guy is doing Switzerland proud, i honestly think that hes one of the 5 best writers to step foot on the earth.

What’s the music scene like in your country, what local artists do you listen to?
The music scene where I’m at isnt’ too exciting, we have some great Death Metal/Grindcore bands, Cremation, Lost Aries and Exhumanator are good examples, good energy with those guys. Alpha Music is pushing some good hip hop heads with Amos and Bzar, and I have a local friend that easily sings as good as Norah Jones, shame she doesn’t do it professionally though. Apart from that we have some good live DJ’s but nothing too exciting really.

What artists/writers are most influential to your work?
Salvador Dalí is a big influence to everything i do, MSK crew, Eleven/Aurom/Thedoubleone, Baum, Jeens, Bates, APM and Lament
but I try to stray away from inspirational directly influencing my work, i want to develop my style on my own, even if this slows down progress at times.
Other Artists/writers i have to shout out are:
Indigo, Saroe, Aime, Plaits, Rhythmofsleep, Amoeba, everyone i forgot, and everyone i ever painted with!

Any last words?
This is a rough one to me, there is so much to say about everything, but limiting myself to one particular thing is hard, therefore I’ll just finish this like that: It’s kind of paradox that our culture, that treats freedom as our biggest asset, imprisons, punishes and censors those who take their ultimate freedom of expressing themselves where ever and whenever they want to get heard, even though they may not have the financial means to do so, which is the American dream in its purest form.
Oh and you can find all of my work over at my personal blog, check it out, buy my stuff, make me rich!

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