Forbes: The Full Story of Wu Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin

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Legendary Hip Hop crew Wu Tang Clan’s recently released news of their forthcoming album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin has been sparking furious debate and interest across the media worldwide recently. Wading head on into debates about the throwaway nature of modern music, the digital market and pirating, the secret album, which has been six years in the making, is being released as a single physical copy that will, in theory, only be available to it’s one multimillion dollar buyer. Packaged beautifully amongst a series of silver and leather encase boxes, its the collectors item of all collectors item, something that’s sparked criticism that due to it’s expensive nature it will go to someone who may not fully appreciate it. However, it’s an interesting concept none the less and anything that makes the modern music world open it’s eyes and encourages debate is a good thing in our book. Is it pretentious for them to think of their art as so high brow that it deserves this treatment? Well, with millions of fans forming a cult following worldwide, they’re certainly one of the few groups that could even try and get away with it.

Travelling to Marrakesh in order to get the full story behind the album, which not even the members of Wu have heard, US news outlet Forbes just released the following video of their findings in Morocco. Meeting with the albums producer Tarik Azzougarh (aka Cilvaringz), a long time member of the Wu family, they learn how he took it’s secretive nature so seriously that he forced the MCs to record verses to dummy beats, later overlaying the final products. Later, Forbes meets the British-Moroccan artist who’s created the one of a kind box, giving us the most in depth glimpse yet of it’s multilayered packaging where it’s hidden in the Royal Mansour. Lastly, as the cherry on the cake, we get the first listen to a snippet from the album, a bumping Ghostface verse pounding through a city backdrop and thundering drums. Check it out below.

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